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Elec Affinity Sound Effects

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I'm not sure if I'm alone in this, but I feel like the sound effects used in the new Elec support set are really disorienting.  Hearing that sound and seeing those particle effects hit my character triggers an instinctive "I'm under attack" response thanks to years of playing this game.  I never experience this with other support sets, and I think the key is in the sounds.  Elec Affinity just sounds too aggressive, it uses all the same sounds as offensive sets.  I dunno if there's an easy remedy for this, though.  Maybe there are some other sounds that could be repurposed, something that evokes more of a "this is a good thing" response.  Or maybe dig up some public domain sounds or something, I dunno.  I just find it is confuddling my instincts, anyone else having this issue?

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