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Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge souvenir not awarding

Rigel Kent2

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Be a level 10-14 villain or rogue.

2. Be introduced to Peter Themari by Ashley McKnight or a Cap Au Diable broker. (GM: /addcontact Peter_Themari )

3. Finish Peter Themari's first arc and begin his second arc. (GM: /getcontactstoryarc V_CONTACTS/CAPAUDIABLE/PETER_THEMARI.CONTACT V_CONTACTS/CAPAUDIABLE/TASKS/SL2.5_CAD_THEMARI_MINIARC2.STORYARC )

4. In the third and final mission of the arc, "Extract Pyriss", defeat no enemies except the ones guarding Pyriss.

5. Rescue Pyriss, lead her to idle enemies, and allow her to die.

6. After the mission fails, call Peter Themari to finish the arc.


Expected results:

"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" clue cleared, souvenir awarded.


Actual results:

"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" clue stuck, no souvenir. See attached image.


Implementation notes:

It's possible there's supposed to be a second alternate souvenir awarded upon mission failure. No SL2.5_CaD_Themari_MiniArc2_B souvenir exists, though, and no souvenir text with an alternate ending exists, either.


It's possible the same souvenir is supposed to be awarded for both endings. The final mission may have incorrectly copy-pasted data from Peter Themari's first arc, which also has a killable escort, and two working alternate souvenirs.


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