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Proper FX for Midnight Grasp in Sentinel Soul Mastery

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So I'd never actually taken the Sentinel version of Midnight Grasp until now, and I found upon taking it that it uses the same solid dark tentacle FX as the regular Dark Melee version of the same power. Which is fine, it was probably just copied directly over when they made patron pools for Sentinels - seems likely given it also has the Soul Noir theme available. However, both Soul Tentacles and Soul Storm in the same pool for Sentinels use the transparent glowing tentacles that all Soul Mastery powers have, with Midnight Grasp standing out as far as I know as the sole exception.


Is it possible to adjust the FX used by this power to match the rest of the pool? Borrow the tentacle FX from Soul Tentacles - as far as I know making them affect a single target shouldn't require adjusting the actual FX, just how many targets they're applied to. And for the character animation, use the same FX that Soul Mastery's version of Gloom uses for Brutes as that uses the same animation on the character model, but unlike regular Gloom in Dark Blast there's extra FX of small glowing tendrils swirling around the arm. There's also a short lived projectile that fires from the character's hand to the target's feet that might be more problematic - it could be possible to use the projectile FX of Soul Tentacles and just adjust the source and target points on them but that might look odd or be harder to do than that sounds. Just the other two changes would already make the power fit in vastly better with the rest of the pool.


Just seems odd to me that this one power looks completely different from the rest of the pool, especially when there's assets that already exist that could be repurposed with a bit of effort.

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