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Graphics glitching on Linux version


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Up until today, CoH was running flawlessly on my Arch Linux machine. Today the 3D graphics are glitching all over the place but mostly on the shiny metallic surfaces. See the attached image.


If I drop the graphics down to "Performance" the glitching stops. But then what is the point of a Radeon VII if you can run it on Ultra?

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On Windows when texture issues crop up, the most common fix is either a revalidation in Tequila or deleting the .pigg files and having the patcher redownload them from scratch.  Depending on your method of syncing the files, that would be my first approach on fixing it.


Unfortunately, I don't have Linux installed on my gaming system to test this theory.  Someone better versed in the Penguin Arts might be more help than I am.

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