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Victorian Steampunk Boots Male/Huge Texture Bug


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Just noticed that the Male and Huge Victorian Steampunk Boot textures are bugged on all Leg options except Tucked In. For Tucked In the texture is correct and takes both selected colours with colour one changing the outside of the boot, and colour two the inner lining. However for Tights, Kilts/Shorts and Armoured the texture only takes colour one. This affects Male and Huge models, with Female unaffected as their boots are a totally different style. Huge not pictured, but works in exactly the same way.


Edit: This issue is replicated across Left & Right Asymmetrical Boots in the same way for Tights, Kilts/Shorts and Armoured. Asymmetrical on Tucked In works correctly.


Correct on Tucked In



Wrong on Tights, Kilts/Shorts and Armoured.







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