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Tequila instacrash


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Hey all, So i'm having an issue with tequila and either my google fu is weak after so long in quarantine or i'm managing to look over something simple every time I read thru the help threads. I just found out about these servers and almost jumped for joy that a game I loved so much is back up, but now i'm about ready to pull my hair out! Every time I try and run Tequila it simply pops up with the "Tequila has stopped responding" box and closes, immediately.

I have downloaded tequila and tried running it from my download folder, as well as making a C/Games/City of Heroes folder and dropping Tequila in there and trying to run it, no dice.

I used the torrent to download the game folder, put it in the Games folder on C drive, and tried running the tequila that came with it, the one I had downloaded, deleting the other tequila files with both, made sure to change the score folder name like the install guide says, all still without any joy. Removed the registry entry, still nothing.

Tried restarting the PC, nada.

Deleted everything and just downloaded the tequila program from the install guide again, still does the exact same thing.

I added exceptions for the folder and individual files to my antivirus, then even had my firewall and antivirus completely shut down and still couldn't get anything to work.


Please, for the love of virtual Spandex, help me!


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You might need to install .NET 3.5 Framework and C++ Runtimes first.

Be sure to download the right one if you're on a 32-bit or 64-bit system: you can find out really fast by pressing WIN+Pause/Break and see what the "System Type" line says.


Give that a try, then try running Tequila.

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