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Dark Melee Alternate Taunt Inconsistent


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Per the title - I'm running an Invul/Dark Melee Tanker using the alternate animation for Taunt, which fires a glowing ball of fluff. I love the concept, it's a non-damaging "attack"-looking animation. And it's amazing that there's no typical taunt "grunt". But it also doesn't have the usual taunt notification animation on foes (the head spikes thing), and I've been noticing that it doesn't seem to notify the same as default taunt does. Sometimes I'll get just my target coming at me, other times NOT the target but his friends will come, and still others I'll get the expected mob pull. Is this a known thing? Am I imagining it? Running through a Synapse right now and the inconsistency is pretty obvious.



So many alts, so little time...

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