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Builder Request (Everlasting)


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Base builder was found. Thanks!

Salutations base building gurus! I come with to your fascinating section of the forums with a request, in search of someone willing to do what I cannot. I have something that I'd like built, but severely lack the talent and ability I see frequently in posts here. So, without further verbose pandering, I lay before you what I would like to acquire talent to produce.


Super Group: Caffeinated Crusaders

Location: Khallisti's Wharf

Build: A coffee shop/cafe style location.

Compensation: To be discussed by any interested builders. In-Game money, feet pics, gag-worthy Yelp review professing undying love, to list a few examples.


Details! Caffeinated Crusaders is a fictional in-city coffee chain located in Paragon City, with locations (fictionally) throughout the city. With the recent expansion of the war walls to add Khallisti's Wharf to Paragon City, the coffee chain has expanded a new brick-and-mortar location into the new area, hoping to capitalize on all of the newly completed residential and business buildings.


Detailed request! Looking to have a smallish building constructed consisting of the inside of the coffee shop with inside tables, chairs, ordering area, as close-to-life as possible without going overboard, maybe a small outdoor sitting area, and the exterior of the building. Ideally someone would zone into the base and walk up a sidewalk and inside the shop. Currently I have the 'Huge 12x12' room that I am thinking it all might fit into, smaller if possible since I'm not looking to have some massive complex structure.


Think you might be interested in helping with something like this? Want more information? Need to tell me just how foolish this whole thing is?! Respond here, private messages on the forums, or in-game @Bay as the global name. Thanks!

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