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Build Request: Earth/Thermal


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Can someone help this Noob out, I have no idea how to make a good build.  I couldn't find this combo listed here in the controller thread so I tried to piece one together but I didn't do a very good job.


Does anyone have a good build for this combo or one of you experts would be kind enough to make one for me?


Thanks in advance.

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2 hours ago, 5099y_74c05 said:

Earthquake: Take. Good with minimal slotting. One to three Recharge


I also like slotting up the -ToHit in it. If you're making a Ranged Defense-oriented build, adding some effective defense is useful. However, one IO to always put into it is the Force Feedback: Recharge IO. It procs at 90% upon dropping EQ, and you will drop EQ every fight if it's recharged.


Oh, and while 2 Accuracy in Heat Exhaustion may be reasonable for other primaries, Earth puts out so much -Def already by the time that you throw out Heat Exhaustion that you can easily get away with just 1 Accuracy.

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4 hours ago, 5099y_74c05 said:

Your power selection and slotting will vary for teaming, solo and IO set builds. I am going to assume you will be teaming primarily. Power selection may look like this:



  • Stone Prison: Take for a fluid attack chain at low levels; you can skip it if you take a Ancilliary power pool substitute or you don't need an attack chain
  • Fossilize: Take
  • Stone Cages: Take. Recommend slotting an End Redux to preserve endurance. One Acc one End Redux
  • Quicksand: Optional. A good single slot power. Wont break or make your build if skip it or take it. Can be used as a -DEF debuff in addition to being a control (area of denial)
  • Salt Crystals: Skip. Earth has an abundance of control.
  • Stalagmites: Take.
  • Earthquake: Take. Good with minimal slotting. One to three Recharge
  • Volcanic Gasses: Take.
  • Animate Stone: Take.

Unless specified above, for SOs you will want to five slot all of your powers with One Acc, Two to three Control, Two to three Recharge. Mr. Poo get two Acc and three Damage.


Thermal Rad.:

  • Warmth: Manditory. Up to five slots two to three Heal, two to three Rech
  • Thermal Shield: Take. Recommend two to three slot with +RES
  • Cauterize: Take. Up to five slots two to three Heal, two to three Rech
  • Plasma Shield: Take. Recommend two to three slot with +RES
  • PofF: Rez. Utility on teams. Minimal slotting
  • Thaw: Mez breaker/prevention. Utility on teams. Minimal slotting
  • Forge: Take. +20% ToHit +40% Dmg buff.
  • Heat Exhaustion: Take. Recommend five slots. Two Accuracy and three recharge
  • Melt Armor. Take Same as above. You can also slot the -Res Proc in this.

I may have over committed slots and left you slot starved for your Epic/Ancillary power pools; you can adjust your slotting needs accordingly, the above is just a rough guideline to consider if you are new to the sets. Later on if you commit to IOs you can build for +Rech bonuses to maximize your power uptime across the board, come back to the forums when you want to discuss such a IO set strategy or any other specialized builds.


Order of battle recommendations:




Prebattle buff everyone up with the two Shields. You can reasonably keep Forge on two to three targets; four+ on high recharge builds. Priority to damage dealing ATs. Top off any damaged teammates.


Earth/ is top tier when it comes to control of the battle space. It has a few area (of denial) controls which are also persistent. You can easily lock down two groups with ease, three or more depending on your global recharge. Earthquake and Stalagmites are my go to openers. EQ while breaking line of sight (LoS) is a good opener if a tank type isn't available. You can also drop Mr. Poo/Stoney into the fray if you need an alpha breaker; he is pretty tough. If you picked up Quicksand, you can also cast this out of LoS and use it as a clustering tool.


You can reserve your debuffs for hard targets. Mend teammates as needed. Reapply buffs and control


Thank you.  I did forget to mention that it is for team play.  This will definitely make me better.


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