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Need help transferring CoH from one computer to another


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I need help transferring the game from one Windows PC to a new one. I am not Windows savvy.  I found a similar topic which instructed the poster to transfer the game folder to the new computer, however I don’t have a game folder on the computer CoH is installed on. All the game files are in the Downloads folder. Can someone tell me how to transfer the game to my new computer and retain characters and account data?

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The only files on your computer cover saved costumes & power customizations (not the ones you saved in character slots, those are kept on the server), screenshots, mission architect work that's unpublished, chat logs and client mods.  If all you are worried about is your characters, there's a simpler way if you don't mind waiting through downloading the client again.  Just download Tequila on your new PC and run it.  Give it an hour or two to patch up.


Your toons and their costume slots, published Mission Architect work, and all Superbases are stored on the server.  Nothing on the client saves that content.


If you do want to keep everything, whatever folder is in Tequila's Install path is where the game files are. 

  1. You can find out the location by clicking on Options in Tequila then write down the address in "Install Path." 
  2. Go there in Windows Explorer, copy everything you see to a Flash Drive (you'll need at least 5GB free). 
  3. Switch computers, insert flash drive.
  4. Paste on the new computer where you want the files to go.  Highly recommend making a Games folder on the C : Drive (C:\Games\City of Heroes) for example.
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