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  1. EDIT: I think I found the general CoH discord channel. Thanks again. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with discord. Again the link takes me to no text channel. I can log into discord, but I don’t know what HC is. I assume I need to be connected to the Reunion channel to scroll down the the shards, and I can’t get that far.
  2. The link takes me to a "no text channel." There’s nothing there.
  3. Do you happen to know where the link is for that? I’ve scanned the boards, but I’m only finding expired links.
  4. I almost always solo, but I’ve reached a place ...personally and in game... where I need team mates. Personally, I’m feeling a little isolated in game, and it’s making me feel less like playing. I’ve also reached a point with some of my characters where soloing is becoming difficult. So I’m looking for a super group that’s the right fit for me. (I don’t want to be useless or a burden on a group.) I’m a casual player and would like to be able to join team mates when I do log on. On a team, I’m good in the support roles of dominators, blasters, and controllers. (I’m an altaholic, so have many characters from level 2 to the 30s.) I handle brutes well, but I’m not good at (nor enjoy) tanking. As I’m usually soloing, I have little experience with task forces, but would be happy to join in if I’m free. I enjoy experiencing the game, not farming to 50 as fast as possible. I can even do casual role playing, though it’s hard to type and fight at the same time. I like making pun characters (Diminutaur, Spam-Thing, Pentagramma) and like the idea of theme groups or teams (food, animals, etc). So if you know a super group that would benefit from having me, please post or message me. Thank you. -WD
  5. For anyone wondering, this is what I ended up with.
  6. Thank you so much. I was a game designer (tabletop RPGs) for several years. I love writing this kind of stuff.
  7. Again, please forgive any obvious mistakes. Intellect -Calculated Defense: +Def vs targeted foe until foe is down. Ends when hero takes damage. Click. Duration: special. Recharge: 1 minute. -Find Weakness: Significant increase in damage for next attack. Click. Duration: next attack. Recharge: 45 seconds. Doesn’t begin recharge cycle until next attack is completed. -Predict Movement: Extend range (a percentage of each power’s normal range) and small +AC for short time. Click. Duration: 10 seconds. Recharge: 45 seconds. -Calculate Disbursement: Hero/villain can calculate where enemies will be stationed. Target selection is not blocked by walls for a short distance. Click. Range: 150 ft. Duration: 2 minutes. Recharge: 30 seconds.
  8. Please forgive any obvious mistakes, this is the first time I’ve posted something like this. Wealth/Resources -Bribery: Target is placated and returns to its original position. Will not attack unless damaged. Doesn’t expire. Click. Range: 30 ft. Duration: special. Recharge 1 minute. -Payoff: Target attacks allies. Will not attack unless damaged. Will turn on hero/villain once all allies in immediate vicinity are defeated. Range: 30 ft. Click. Duration: special. Recharge 3 minutes. -Call in a Favor: Summons a policeman (hero) or thug (villain) who will fight as an ally for 3 minutes. Range: 60 ft. Click. Duration: 3 minutes. Recharge: 6 minutes. -Buy Prototype Armor: Gives hero/villain an armored vest that will take a percent of damage dealt to them from each attack. Vest is destroyed after taking x damage (scales with level) or going 3 minutes without taking damage. Click. Range: self. Duration: special or 3 minutes. Recharge: 1 minute. -Buy Prototype Weapon: Gives hero/villain high tech rifle (or handgun). Does high damage for a limited time before it breaks. Click. Range: self. Duration: 3 minutes. Recharge: 2 minutes.
  9. Come to think of it, I also don’t hear glowies (if they still make noise, they never have since I came back to CoH).
  10. The sound you get when receiving a private message doesn’t play on my game. It plays when I send a message but not when I receive one. Any thoughts?
  11. Thanks, folks. Vulpoid, that really is good. 👍
  12. Can anyone recommend a good combination of head details to make a good ape face?
  13. I’ll explore that. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. 👍
  14. That’s helpful, thank you. I assume I need to look up the unlisted power sets individually?
  15. Yes, that’s where I am. When I go to the Primary Power Sets page, there’s no (for example) Sentinel sets. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Primary_Power_Sets What am I missing?
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