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Cosmic events

Figment King

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Ohhh i have a plot idea, that i want to pass on to all the other role-players. I'm going to incorporate it into some of my characters.


In a fashion similar to the Marvel 2015 Secret Wars, and DC's Flash-point.


What if the real life game hiatus we call Shutdown, actually in game happened, the universe did actually wink out of existence, and ONLY a few beings know, that they are living in a "second" universe that is ALMOST the universe they knew. Who did it, and how can be a thing, people can run with with theories, speculations, experiments, and magical Divination (that shier characters are doing). Perhaps the Erynies through the talons of vengeance finally brought the twilight of the gods. Perhaps Mot finally won, and all was blackness. Regarding the universe's recreation: Perhaps it was the doing of Faathim the Kind, or Perhaps it was Mender 
Silos who merged with his younger self, and the the new universe was the fruition of Nemisis' scheming. 


I'm totally going to play with this plot. 

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