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My new level 50 Night Widow build

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Got my Night Widow to 50 yesterday on Everlasting, what a fun character to play! Its my 9th level 50 but my first pure villain in the Kallistiverse. Had a lot of fun doing the redside missions, particularly Television, absolute blast. So after hitting 50 with a scratch build of whatever felt like a good idea at the time, I've looked at the few examples of Night Widow builds plus my own feeling about builds and come up with this build.

For once, I've included Hasten - I don't usually put this into builds as I think people obsess about it too much, but here it fits. apart from an approx 8 second gap, its perma. Mind link is also perma and both of these are on auto using a couple of macros that replace my main two attacks, slash and eviscerate. the slash macro sets Hasten to auto and then performs the slash, while eviscerate sets Mind Link to auto and then performs the eviscerate. This means the auto power is constantly switching between the two so as soon as one recharges it fires - well that is the theory at least!


I've spent this evening doing the Dark Astoria missions on +3 and this build seems to be pretty good. My main concern was End but this has got it covered! My live build has one small change from this build in that Pyschic Scream has only 2 Ragnaroks and 4 Positron's Blasts as replacement as I ran out of cash on the toon and didn't get round to transferring some from my others. Its a reasonable substitution for now.



Opinions are very welcome

The Kallistiverse COH site:


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