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Mission Transporter is Interrupted By Ouroboros Portal


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While using the Mission Transporter (and waiting for it to Transport you), if somebody clicks on an Oro Portal (to enter Oro), it will Inturrupt the Mission Transporter.  This is highly repeatable.

What you need:

Make sure both people are near each other. 

(I'm not sure what the max distance is)

Person 1: Have an Active mission, and the mission transporter.

Person 2. Have an Ouroboros Portal Power.

Person 2: Summon the Ouroboros Portal.

Person 1: Activate the Mission Transporter.

While Person one has their hands out, glowing, waiting to teleport to the missions:

Person 2: Click the Oro Portal to move into Oro. 

This should:

Move Person 2 Into Ouroboroso, as well ass Inturrupt the Mission Transporter Power of Person 1. 

Powers Needed:

[Power:Prestige Travel.Mission Transporter] - [Ouroboros Portal]

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