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  1. I just saw this post, and I was there! I hung out with you, and the Wetnworths!
  2. 100% this. Edit to add, I am not an RPer, but I +1 this for various reasons. /w would make a great use for a quick chat command, since this game uses "tells" for private messages, and not whispers.
  3. 36 hours too WAY too rare, I spent days on live at the time hunting for that guy. If you have a 5 Min window in a 36 hour period, it could take you months or longer to get him. I honestly think it needs the same frequency of Sally/The Troll Raves/Steel Canyon Fires, Multiple times a day at least. Please reduce the time.
  4. I've been rolling around on my Gravity controller and the Singularity has most certainly been getting "stuck" on things (which it didn't before),I could fly to the end some of the larger Maps, and he's just floating in some doorway. At first I assumed he was beating up some NPC, but when I go back to help out, he's sitting there, bobbing in place. Another one of my weekly groupmates plays a Gravity/FF and shes also been having trouble with hers getting stuck. It's almost like the leash is too long and they don't know to catch up. OG Singularity (for all of its time on Live and he
  5. I would love this option. Or at the very minimum, let me have all 3 tabs of the "Incarnate Abilities" window open at one time. I assume it was Originally designed this way to Save Screen real estate back in 2005. A good many of us are playing on Monitors 2x-3x larger then we did back then. If we can't get a "you have all the bits, lets just create it" button, can I get all the windows open?
  6. (I Ran a search for LFG and Cavern, and didn't see this, sorry if this is a repeat) The LFG Window lists the incorrect number of merits awarded by the Cavern of Transcendence trial. It's listing the reward as 7 merits, when it should be 8 merits. While using the LFG Queue, Hover over the entry for the Cavern of Transcendence trial and wait for the tool tip window to appear. In this window, it will list the information about the trial. The Entry for "Rewards" states the trial awards 7 merits at completion, when in reality it awards 8. I have attached screenshots of the LFG w
  7. The Origin based Temp Power that all Characters get, was given to help fill out the attack chain at lower levels. The Blackwand, Nemsis Staff, and other temp powers can also help fill the hole. If you haven't picked those up from the P2W for free, you should try that!
  8. While using the Mission Transporter (and waiting for it to Transport you), if somebody clicks on an Oro Portal (to enter Oro), it will Inturrupt the Mission Transporter. This is highly repeatable. What you need: Make sure both people are near each other. (I'm not sure what the max distance is) Person 1: Have an Active mission, and the mission transporter. Person 2. Have an Ouroboros Portal Power. Person 2: Summon the Ouroboros Portal. Person 1: Activate the Mission Transporter. While Person one has their hands out, glowing, waiting to teleport to t
  9. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love the AoE Rez, but I'm not thrilled by the Variable Health recovery. I assume Static works like Tidal from the Water Blast. Does it have the same duration? For Tidal you only have to stack 3 and doesn't last that long, Static is asking for 5. So how long does each layer of static last? How much health do they get with a base of 0 Static? They get fully recovered with a stack of 5 Static? If 5 layers equals 100%, I assume they get 20% of there health is 1 layer on Static? So I either horde my static *just encase my team dies* or I Spend it
  10. Just close the game and launcher (Tequila/Island Rum), and run it again. It should update and load.
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