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Map Waypoint incorrect

Daytona Ral

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I'm sure you're aware this happens on some missions, and it's usually only mildly inconvenient... IF the players know it's an issue. A newer player could get really confused. I've had this happen to me other times (I seem to remember it happening to me in King's Row when I first started).

Sometimes the waypoint on the map is different from the location of the door for a mission, sometimes drastically so. The only way you'd notice is if you were to go to the location indicated on the map, and then pan around in a circle until you saw the arrow indicating the mission door from your character's POV. Then you ignore the map and follow the arrow.

To give you an idea of the distance and the confusion it causes:


My character is at the actual location of the door. You can see this is not where the map says it is. As I stated, this has happened to me in other missions as well, on hero side and villain side.

Again, it's mostly just annoying, but on a more confusing map, or for a newer player, this can be extremely frustrating. Not sure if there's anything that can be done.




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