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Stj/Ice Armor build advise


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Hey all!

I have been searching both the old forums and Homecoming for a PvE build I could get some reference from.  I did find a build which doesn't seem to be too shabby on the old forums. It is mega expensive, which is fine, but I wanted to ask the great minds on here if anyone has a solid build kicking around they could share with me. Not to mention the old build I found....is old, and more then likely slightly outdated (some of it wont even open in hero designer).

I am actually really surprised I haven't seen this build pop up (and I swear someone had a topic about this with no reply like a week ago? I dunno....maybe I was seeing things). Seems to me like a solid combination. As a matter of fact, Stj/Energy would be pretty bad ass too but I already have plenty of energy armor builds, and really wanted to give Ice a fair shot.  or.........do you personally think I should go energy armor instead? I'm open to suggestions honestly!

Things I'm partial to, but really doesn't matter because I would just be super appreciative of any build thrown my way is:

-would like to have hasten

-Super Jump or Super Speed would be nice (a lot of top end builds don't take travel powers...I get it, it makes sense to make more room...I have 3 characters at top end with no travel power. So if it has to be, it has to be)

-money is not particularly an issue

-not super keen on taking chilling embrace, but I'm still fine if its a useful component of the build

Think that is about it really....again, any build is appreciated.

If people want to tell me why I should switch out Ice Armor for something else I am all ears on that too lol. I know Bio is huge, but I already have a Bio scrapper that I really enjoy. That is the only reason I didn't go that route (would have been easier finding a build because of how many are already posted).

Thank you all in advance, hopefully someone out there can lend a hand (best damn community still to this day in any MMO Ive ever been in)

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