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Did anyone use Gameamp back in the day?


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Hello!  I used to be a moderator for the Gameamp gaming forums back around 2005 - 2009.  I helped to build a lot of the early information and guides on the website and used to go under the name "VinceVoltage".  I was a mod for both the CoH & CoV pages, but mostly focused on CoV as I found it a little more fun.  I also helped to run the site's Villain Supergroup "The Gameamp Asylum", probably was the most active mod in the game, at least on the Red side, through 2006 when I finished college and had less time to play.


My mains were on Triumph for Red (Desmond Doom), Infinity for Blue (Vince Voltage).  But I'm a bit of an altaholic so naturally I had tons of toons on all the servers so I jumped around a lot.  Here I'm mainly on Excelsior, but I have a few toons on Torchbearer too.


Anyways, I was wondering if anyone that happened to be in the supergroup, frequented the forums, or maybe perhaps even some of the old forum mods might be around.  

Hope everyone is having fun playing and see you in the game!



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Also still around here, I actually did the whole trip, satisfying my CoX addiction with Titan Icon, Paragon Chat and now Homecoming. Was Marine X  and Livingston in the GA Supergroup and Hemlok in the Villian Group. Good to see another GameAmp Alumnus.

" When it's too tough for everyone else,

it's just right for me..."

( Unless it's Raining, or Cold, or Really Dirty

or there are Sappers, Man I hate those Guys...)

                                                      Marine X

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As befits a villain, I shall necropost.  Meh, I'm more off than on nowadays... busy, busy, busy.  I was known as Sapir when I managed the mission logs and tips for CoV on GameAmp, and occasionally wandered over to the Guild Wars site to spread the gospel of CoX to the unwashed heath... er... Guildies.  They didn't seem to mind.  I do remember Vince.  Govtmorgue, thejeni.  I thought Firespray went by Firespray in the days of the Site?  At least I remember that avatar. Shoot, I think I have a flashdrive with a lot of old GameAmp stuff somewhere around here.

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