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Minor QoL improvement to respecs

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When you're doing a respec, you have to drag enhancements to the slot you want them in, all visible on the management screen, but if you're putting them in your inventory, you have to switch tabs in your inventory if one fills up. It would be convenient to have a quick option -- perhaps a right-click to get a context menu like at an enhancement storage unit -- that gave you the opportunity to just throw an enhancement into your inventory without worrying about what slot it will go into. Admittedly, it's a minor thing, and I don't think it would get a huge amount of use (how often do you respec any given character, after all?), but it's a convenience. Perhaps a second choice 'put all unslotted enhancements in inventory' to further speed up the process after you've slotted all the powers you can and just want the rest to go into inventory, as well.

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