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  1. When using Dehydrate (Water Blast) against the String Field Generators in the "Get Proton to Help You!" mission from Twinshot, you perform the activation animation, and you can see the damage numbers and healing numbers from a successful attack, but the game never draws the actual visuals of the attack. It's not a particularly severe bug, because the effects still occur, but the missing attack visual is also an indicator that you missed with the power, which can cause confusion, particularly in a busy environment (like combat during a TF).
  2. It's not a major functionality issue, more of an easily-repeatable annoyance, but I thought I'd throw it out for comment as a possible QoL change. When you're crafting, as at an invention table, and you open an IO category (i.e., Damage), then scroll down until the level of IO you want to make is visible, then click on that, the recipe box opens up -- but if you didn't scroll down enough to have the entry fairly high in the window, when the recipe box opens up, the 'Create' button, and sometimes the 'Buy' buttom as well, are below the bottom edge of the window, so you have to go back to the scroll bar and scroll up some to make them visible so you can click on them. If clicking on a closed entry (i.e., level 25 Damage) forced a scroll of the recipe list to make the entirety of the expanded recipe box visible if it wasn't when it expanded, it would make crafting a little more convenient.
  3. Oh, I've got the mousebutton teleport bind already, and I've been binding Fly to 'y' since early May 2004 (my current default bind for 'y' toggles both Fly and Mystic Flight, since I never take both on one character, so it activates whichever one they have). I just see all those empty power slots when the Translocation temporary bar opens up, and think of how having predefined 'bug out' macros for Translocation on that bar would be useful, since they'd only be usable when the bar was open, and when you didn't have Mystic Flight active the bar disappears, taking the Translocation-specific macros with it, so they don't take up power tray space when you can't use them.
  4. I appear to have found a database issue with regard to enhancements. Beta Decay in Radiation armor shows on the enhancement screen in game as taking End Rdx, Rech Red, Taunt, To-Hit debuff, and Defense debuff enhancements, and regular and accurate To-Hit debuff and Defense Debuff sets. In Hero Designer, if you try to slot common IOs, you are limited to EndRdx, Rech Red, and Taunt IOs, and only Defense Debuff sets. It's missing the Defense and To-Hit debuff common IOs, and the two categories of To-Hit debuff sets as well as Accurate Defense Debuff.
  5. You can macro teleport binds using the powexec_location command: /macro Fwd powexec_location forward:max Translocation /macro Cam powexec_location camera:max Translocation /macro Up powexec_location up:max Translocation /macro Bck powexec_location back:max Translocation Being able to put these in the temporary power bar that pops up when you activate Mystic Flight so they're only visible when you have Mystic Flight (and therefore Translocation) active would be useful.
  6. I've been getting client lockups when zoning on an intermittent basis for several weeks now. My system is a desktop from IBUYPOWER, core i7-4790, Radeon R9 200 series video card, 16Gb memory running Win7 64-bit, with a hardwired connection through a Cisco router to my cable modem. Normally, when I zone, I see the progress bar start with a short segment, staying there for about a half second, then the progress bar disappears, and then reappears, moving fairly quickly and taking about five seconds to complete before the zone loads. When it locks, I get the initial short progress bar segment, and it stays there, suggesting that the client is wedging before starting the task that restarts the loading progress bar.
  7. I was entertained to see that the game rolled over smoothly into scientific notation when it exceeded the integer limit.
  8. You also have to detoggle Hover, Fly, or Mystic Flight to summon a buff pet.
  9. I got yelled at during a MSR on the test server when IOs were being tested; I had a Katana/Regen Scrapper (before the Regen rework making it click), and I got a Touch of Lady Grey: Chance for Negative Energy Damage recipe that I crafted and slotted. It showed up on mouse over as 'Touch of Lady Grey: Chance for Negative... and was bugged to have the abbreviated description be more accurate -- when the proc went off, it did a negative amount of damage to the target, healing it. Not being really concerned about a minor reduction in damage during the beta test, I left it in, and it proc'ed against a tower during the raid. The devs fixed that bug, but slapped in another, making it Touch of Lady Grey: Chance to One-Shot -- when it went off, it would do an outrageous amount of damage. So I went hunting, and found Jurassik. On my first attack, it proc'ed, and I did "6.043E+13" points of damage, dropping him in one hit. As it turned out, I didn't even have the best one-shot damage with it; other players had done much better.
  10. GMs could be anything they wanted, but it was the stock appearance for them to be police drones. Now? Anyone's guess; I ran across GM_Jimmy on the north side of Atkas' plinth in AP yesterday, and he was a white housecat.
  11. Several days ago, I was running a character past the exploration badge at the N end of Steel Canyon E of the tram as part of grabbing all the zone's badges for the accolade, and I heard two of the NPC civilians talking about how great it was to have a job on a construction project where they didn't actually have to build anything.
  12. If I remember correctly, Mercedes Sheldon, being a contact inside the Midnighter Club, is technically out of range for you while you're in the 10-14 range for Trevor Seaborn, Haley Phillips, or Hugo Redding (and, I think, one other) if you haven't completed Montague Castaneda's arc to get access to the Midnighter Club (or got the badge from Night Ward), so the may not be picking up the description for her. She's still a better choice than any of the Science contacts.
  13. What Vanden said. What you are describing is true for set bonuses, not the enhancement values themselves. If you had slotted two Numina's Convalescence -- say, a level-50 Healing and a level 50 Healing/Endurance -- the two-piece set bonus is +12% Regeneration. If you exemplar down below level 47, you lose that set bonus, but the direct effect of the enhancements themselves -- +42.4% Healing from the former and 26.5% Healing and 26.5% End reduction from the latter -- simply scale down according to the exemplar computation that Vanden linked to. And the enhancements themselves never stop giving you an improvement to your ability once they're slotted, no matter how low you exemplar -- if you exemplar down to level 5, for example, that level-50 Heal gets scaled down from 42.4% to about 4.8%, but it's still improving that power.
  14. Sort of; it appears that the boots are more of a pneumatic-ram sort of thing, creating a visual effect supporting why your jumping so far. This is supported by the animation, which not only compresses and expands the pistons, but creates a little cloud that you leave behind when you jump, leading to the costume piece having been widely referred to as "poot boots".
  15. Rather than having two binds, I chose to set mine up as lctrl+lbutton "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Teleport" This way, I have one bind that can go into my file of default binds, and it doesn't matter whether the character has Mystic Flight or Teleport, the ctrl-mousebutton combo works (since I don't expect to be taking both on any character, although the bind is set up to prefer Teleport over Translocation if you have both, so it won't require you to be flying to teleport).
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