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  1. The declaration from the devs, IIRC, was that with two animated 'capes' it couldn't be done with the existing cape code. But since you can have a regular cape and the Tech Knight belt with the buttcape option, having two flapping cloth bits isn't the restriction, so I would guess that there isn't an attachment point on the character models for the front cloth, but it should be possible to work with the existing model for the Tech Knight belt to make something like the fore-and-aft sashes work. I don't know how the costume rigging works, so it's just a guess, though.
  2. The double moon was, I think, an attempt by the devs to account for the visual illusion of the Moon being bigger when it is close to the horizon, except that it didn't work well, but was left as is because fixing it was so low on the priority list. That the Moon is still much larger than it should be was concerning enough that I bothered to do the math to check whether it was close enough to be within the Roche limit (which I also did for Voss in SWTOR... yes, I'm a geek).
  3. That's odd; they're supposed to work like Granite Armor, replacing the character model, not overlaying it.
  4. The moon has been rising South by West and setting North by East in all the zones for as long as I can remember all the way back into Live. What's equally disturbing is that, despite orbiting at right angles to the ecliptic, it's still always full. After I tried asking the devs about it, I decided to handwave it as fallout from the Rikti invasion -- the portal they sent their ships through warped the moon's orbit to what it is now. And for those who don't recognize the directions I used, they come from the 32 points of the compass (north, north by east, north northeast, northeast b
  5. I have the same problem with Heather Townsend while doing her arc as a Flashback; the interface opens, but nothing will sell.
  6. The only 'special Korean parts' it has is that it includes the anime-style costume pieces that were added prior to the abortive Korean beta; since we got all those pieces as part of one of the costume packs (which are all unlocked in HC), it's got nothing you haven't seen before.
  7. 3. I didn't comment on it because you threw enough different powers into it that "burning the use of that power until it recharges" is sort of moot, although many people only have one of them. Still, all it requires is throwing enough inf at the P2W vendor to address. 4. Having the 'solution' to a problem being requiring a specific power choice on the part of the players with the problem is not viable, either. 5. I used quote marks to indicate paraphrasing. "Just click the exit and grumble about it later" is both 'suck it up' and a 'not my problem, I can't be bothered t
  8. 1. ...along with everyone else in your SG and the other people that you regularly group with. Not logistically feasible. 2. ...after the wait for your Ouro Portal recharge, because you used it to get to Ouro in the first place. Adding a several-minute wait is even more inconvenient than trying to fish out the exit from the crowd. 4. ...if you have a teleportation power. 5. "Just suck it up" is a fairly insensitive suggestion, in essence the "It's not a problem for me, so your opinion doesn't matter" attitude. Rather than moving the arrival point
  9. In the invasions, new mobs spawn to the NE of characters, with the chance and size of the spawn dependent on the size of the group of characters. If the spawn position is in mid-air, the spawned mobs will fall to the ground; if the spawn position is inside the ground or a building, the spawn will be canceled. Because of the range limitations of the melee characters, unless you're willing to 'take fire' from a new spawn until it closes with you, characters will follow the new spawns to engage them, producing the migration of the fight.
  10. There are a lot of characters for whom Julius Fucik's "Entry of the Gladiators" would make appropriate theme music... 😉
  11. Blame the predictive options in the keyboard software on my tablet; I typed it as 'carmena', but the 'default' choice was 'carmen', and I didn't notice.
  12. Try listening to the Missa Hilarious, S. N2O, by PDQ Bach, one of his few pieces of religious music, discovered in the Vatican archives along with other documents pertaining to PDQ's excommunication... 😉
  13. I was having abusively bad rubberbanding on Excelsior on Monday, in one case jumping back almost a minute's flight -- halfway across the RWZ -- and taking more than a dozen tries to get from the RWZ base entry to Lady Grey. Later I had the oddest case of a bad connection, where I was zoning via the tram, had the connection hang, drop back to the sign-in screen, then when I was about to sign in again, it jumped to the zone loading screen and eventually dropped me in the tram station in the new zone. I attributed it to a network glitch, logged out for about five minutes, then back in, and the ru
  14. No, it's not; I routinely pick up missions from Rick Davies and Azuria on starting characters along with Matthew Habashy, regardless of the character's origin.
  15. We'll just have to sentence you to listening to "Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice", an opera in one unnatural act, by PDQ Bach, S. 2n-1. The work was a commission for the Vienna Opera Company, and PDQ had almost finished when he discovered that the Vienna Opera Company consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Vienna and their little boy Rudy. Since the work had seven speaking parts, he at first despaired of getting a performance, until Frau Vienna convinced him to rewrite it so that she could sing all the female parts and Rudy the male parts, while Herr Vienna played the piano, decked out in his bes
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