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  1. I think Stunned needs to be moved down, because stunning a mob doesn't immediately put them into the 'wandering around randomly in a daze' animation -- I've stunned mobs that immediately ran off, leaped onto the roof of a building, and disappeared, all in the 'stunned' pose. If Stunning a mob was fixed so that it aborted any movement that they had queued up (powers being animated should still go off unless interruptible), then it would rank where it is.
  2. You're missing the point; it wasn't something that needed to be done; it was something that we could do by working together, and all enjoy being able to do something silly that the game wasn't really set up to allow you to do.
  3. Even something as simple as what I refer to as "Door Diversification" would go a ways toward expanding the feel of the game. Everyone's been trick-or-treating, either in this event, the previous one, or back on live; you know how many functional doors there are in the zones. But, somehow, you only ever get sent to a small fraction of them for door missions. If there were some way to add more of the doors in the zones to the 'valid mission doors' list, it would contribute to the feel of variety. Not a final solution, but a step.
  4. Usage shift over time; comprise is an acceptable use here. But another term like 'constitute' or 'make up' might be better, to avoid the disagreements over the usage.
  5. Remembering when I was part of one of these, building a bridge from the edge of the ski slope in Pocket D out to the floating truck so people without Fly could get the Trucker badge easily, I have to remove my hat.
  6. Or, equally, if the hospital teleporter in your base can yank you out of the Shadow Shard, Cimerora, Ouroboros, or any of the Echo zones, and your base portal will drop you back where you came from -- across dimensions and time -- why it suddenly becomes a problem for there to be base beacons that will let you go there directly. Which raises a second question -- do all the various new base teleport powers become useless in these zones? If the teleport beacons go away for zones in other dimensions or across time, then it stands to reason that the use of the same teleport functionality to enter and leave your base via the base portal would be unavailable, too.
  7. So the critical issue with enterbasefrompasscode is an "exploits of a mom" problem? Given some of the shortcuts the devs took to address problems, I'm not surprised that there is no input validation on the command, although it doesn't seem on its own to make it 'unfixable' as others have alluded to (and leads to wondering what bad input actually does). Still, we're not going to get details on it until after the closed loophole gets pushed to live, so speculation is sort of pointless.
  8. It does seem odd, though, that if enterbasefrompasscode had an 'unfixable' exploit incorporated in it, the 'fix' incorporating all of these new base teleport powers still has an enterbasefrompasscode command, presumably rewritten to prevent this gross exploit, albeit limited to within 45 feet of a base portal. Without knowing what this exploit is/was, though, it's difficult to see how it was fixable by shackling it to a base portal, but not by simply disabling it in combat/PvP without having to have a new constellation of base teleport powers. It will be interesting to see what information gets released after the revised beta (betas rarely if ever make it through entirely unchanged) pushes to the live servers.
  9. Giving us an inch and our wanting a mile? Now: Level 1, go to base, go to Echo: Galaxy City, then to Ouroboros. Bang, Ouro portal. Beta: All the Echo zone beacons are gone. But if you still want an Ouro portal at level 1, you can: Take your level 1 to an area with a zero-time logout, switch to an alt with the Ouro portal, go to where you parked your level 1, drop an Ouro portal, log out, switch back to your level 1, click on the Ouro portal you left behind, then to Ouroboros and up the gnomon to get the exploration badge. Bang, Ouro portal. Or, Take your level 1 to the Atlas tram, enter the TUNNEL portal to Night Ward, go up the path to the Midnighter mansion, enter the door to get the badge, exit the building, run back down to the TUNNEL portal, return to Atlas Park, take the tram to Steel Canyon (south), run the width of the zone with its +9 mobs to get to the Midnighter Club, enter the club, go back to the back to the Pillar of Ice and Fire, use it to enter Cimerora, go to the exploration badge in front of Marcus Valerius, you're exposed to time travel. Bang, Ouro portal. Or, Stand around in some well-populated zone spamming local/broadcast with requests for someone to drop an Ouro portal so you can use it to travel to Ouroboros and up the gnomon to get the exploration badge. Bang, Ouro portal. But since the portals only last 90 seconds now, you're less likely to find one already up to relieve you of having to ask for it. What it feels like is, if that's giving us an inch, they've grabbed back the mile we had before to do it. "You can still do it if you really want to, but you'll have to jump through a bunch of pointless hoops to do it." Ouroboros' primary function as a tool to go back and do content you missed has, over time, taken a secondary position to its use as a travel hub. As a boost to travel, players are going to want to get it as quickly as possible, regardless of what the original intent of the zone was. Since the easiest way of the three is to beg in AP (Mercy, etc.) for someone to drop a portal, then I suspect that portal request spam is likely to drown out DFB spam.
  10. So "TUNNEL to Night Ward, get the Midnighter badge, enter the Midnighter Club, go to Cimerora, get one of its badges, get an Ouro portal" is an acceptable way to get an Ouro portal at level 1, but the Echo: Galaxy City beacon has to be removed to isolate it (along with echo:DA) as only accessible from Ouroborus to prevent low-level characters from going there and either getting the badges/plaques there or just going straight to Ouro to get an Ouro Portal. I don't really see the need to put up a barrier like that (or for why Echo:GC and Echo:DA had beacons, but Echo:Faultline and Echo:RCS didn't, but that's a separate discussion); funneling people through a single arbitrary hoop while taking away an option that had previously existed seems a little pointless.
  11. The issue wasn't getting the Midnighter badge; it was getting the Midnighter badge so you could enter the Midnighter Club, travel to Cimerora, get one of the two exploration badges, which would give you the 'exposure to time travel' that would award you the Ouroboros Portal power. The 'travel to Cimerora' part is level-locked, which means that although you would be able to get and use the Ouro portal at level 1, you have no way to do it on your own, and have to have someone drop an Ouro portal for you so you can go there and get the exploration badge there to get your own portal. Your second point, though, is well-taken; one of the things I normally do with my new characters, once they get their travel power, is to make sure they have the badges in AP, then go to Echo: Galaxy City, get the badges and plaques there, then to Echo: Atlas Park for its badges (giving me a total of 15 merits for the three exploration accolades), then to Ouro for its badge and the Ouro Portal, and back to Atlas. Removing the Echo: Galaxy City beacon means joining all the new characters begging for an Ouro Portal drop before doing this, adding a layer of inconvenience for no visible benefit. Similarly, removing the beacon for Echo: Dark Astoria alters the process for getting there to join a group for defeating Adamastor; you could jump to your base and then to Echo:DA from anywhere at any time. Now, you have to go to Ouro to get to Echo:DA -- the cooldown on the Ouro portal is reduced, but it's there, and the emptiness of my base is much easier to navigate than arriving in Ouroboros and finding a couple of dozen people all standing right next to the exit portal keeping me from moving until I can squeeze my way out to get around to the back where the portal to the Echo zones are. And I just had a thought that I haven't tested, so I'll toss it out here: If the Ouro Portal stays around even if you've zoned out, does it persist if you log out, too? If it does, then that gives you a way to pass Ouro Portals to yourself, albeit requiring some setup work -- move your lowbie to a 'safe' location (i.e., City Hall, Icon, or the hospital in AP), log out, switch to a character with an Ouro Portal, go to where you logged out your lowbie, drop your Ouro Portal, immediately log out and switch to your lowbie, then use the Ouro portal you dropped on your alt. That would at least alleviate some of the clustering in AP for portals.
  12. And it's got a merit vending machine just across the street east of the tram. Where it loses out, though, is that it doesn't have a vendor in the area. I've picked up the habit of exiting my base to Kings Row, because I can go right up to the corner of the tram platform to the vendor there and open her window, the auction house window, and go through my accumulated recipes to see which ones have decent prices on the AH, dumping the ones no one wants on the vendor for the better price (or keeping the ones that have a really good price to craft and get an even better price), putting salvage on the AH, and then the tram's right there to go to another zone. In fact, this is a good example of the functionality of being able to use the /enterbasefrompasscode command at will -- when I find I've got recipes that would pay better crafted, I can jump to my base, make sure I've got any rare salvage the recipe needs, jump back to KR to use the auction house to buy any salvage I'm missing to craft it, back to my base to craft it, then back to KR to put it up on the AH. With the base portal up on top of the police station, it's inconveniently far away to have to use that, and the base teleporter has way too long a cooldown. With the announced move of the KR base portal, it would depend on where it was moved to -- in the middle of the plaza in front of the tram makes it convenient for this, but just moving it down into the plaza in front of the police station leaves it a distance away, forcing the use of one of the base portal powers and being stuck with their cooldowns.
  13. I have to agree; this seems like a baroque and rococo way to address the problem. So enterbasefrompasscode was supposed to be a GM-only command, but it got out and people are using it to speed their travel. Okay, but it's not in and of itself game-breaking. People are using enterbasefrompasscode to skip out on defeat in PvP and 'Master of' runs. This is a problem, because it does break the way the game is supposed to work. Making a change to the use of enterbasefrompasscode so that it is disabled if your character is in combat addresses that; problem solved. But 'you can still use enterbasefrompasscode, but only when you're close enough to a base portal that going to it and clicking on it is just as easy' removes the existing 'usable from anywhere' functionality, so that required creating a P2W power and altering the day job reward to give you a power to drop a temporary base portal anywhere, which you could then use with the code -- but again, you have to be close enough you might as well click on the portal. Yes, a simple, smooth, and elegant solution. You can do that now; the changes just make it more complicated to use, since you either have to be near one of the fixed base portals or use one of the portal-drop powers beforehand. Nope; that method doesn't work. You can get access to the Midnighter Club at level 1 by going to Night Ward and getting the badge, but you come up hard against the "You must be level 35 to use this crystal" block at the Pillar of Ice and Fire in the back of the Midnighter Club when you try to go to Cimerora. So we're going to see more begging for Ouro portals in AP, and with the new 90-second duration, they'll need to be refreshed more than 3x as often to keep one up for use.
  14. It's just a recordkeeping thing, but all the way back to live when we got access to the Reveal power, I would wait to use Reveal on a zone map until I'd collected all the badges and plaques in the zone. That way, I had a visual indicator when I entered a zone whether or not I'd collected all of them, so I wouldn't spend time rerunning the zone loops (and it's funny how many of them I remembered without having to refer to the maps).
  15. This. One of the things that made using /enterbasefrompasscode to jump to your base to transit to another zone (in addition to not having to find the tram or base portal in that zone, which the new base portal powers address) was that if you set up your base right, you had a trainer and vendor right there so you could dump excess inventory and train up on your way to the other zone. Teleporting straight to the zone gets you there faster, but doesn't give you the opportunity to take care of housekeeping functions on the way.
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