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  1. It's not "10% Recharge", it's whatever the bonus is named that controls the max count. If you have five 10% Recharge bonuses named "Huge Recharge Bonus" and another five 10% Recharge bonuses named "Ultimate Recharge Bonus", you'd get all ten, because you don't have more than five of each named bonus. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Set_Bonuses
  2. You can be transformed by some bizarre biogenetic goo into a twisted plant creature, but it doesn't change who you are: [NPC] Crey Juggernaut: I'm ready to break some noses. [NPC] Razorvine: I'm ready to break some noses.
  3. And while it would require an animation change, the recock twirl for a loop lever action rifle would be entertaining.
  4. I don't know if you can make a MM with more than five pet powers to test that.
  5. To necro this a bit, if you can work things out so that you are wanting to catalyze an IO, and you've already got that IO, catalyzed, slotted on an alt, it saves you the cost of an unslotter to unslot the catalyzed version, slot the uncatalyzed version, then catalyze it, leaving it in place. For example, if you have an Acc/Dam Thunderstrike, and your character has Thunderstrike five-slotted in a power, including the Acc/Dam IO, then just unslot that one, slot the regular IO, and catalyze it in place. It's not a big saving, but it can add up over time
  6. Only loosely; it functions more like the Gassian's proc -- it is a tag on your other powers to give them a chance to proc a 'build up' that only affects Arcane Bolt. And this effect is independent of Arcane Bolt; if you exemp far enough to lose Arcane Bolt, the proc effect on your other powers still triggers, even though you can't take advantage of it.
  7. Well, good programming practice is to document changes, both in the design document and in the code. And when we all stop laughing at the idea of this having been followed with CoH (if it had, we wouldn't have seen so many 'update this, break that' patches), it's something that we should try to follow going forward; unfortunately, we don't have an archive of previous versions to know how things were changed to be able to revert them.
  8. Or the eternally-abused need/greed mechanic -- "Yeah, one of my guild mates' friend's brother is missing that piece from his set, so I'm needing on it."
  9. If the aggro and target limits are baked into the code, this would require a patch update for every time it occurs, and all the updates the HC developers make would have to be applied to both versions
  10. It's funny; before I saw Stallone as Judge Dredd, I didn't think that I would ever say that he had too much facial animation for a role.
  11. There was a building on that block in the original map; this was replaced by an excavation construction site prior to the launch of Issue 4, when the arenas were implemented. Now the arena is missing, replaced by building construction.
  12. It's also useful for getting the exploration badges in The Hive -- not only are several of the badges inconveniently close to a 'wall' of Monster DE, but the 'Wild at Heart' badge is inside a forested area at the north wall that has several mobs close to the badge, so you have to dash in and back out, hoping that either your stealth/invisibility will let you get in and out without drawing aggro, or you've got enough resistance to eat the hit you'll take. PFF will give you enough Defense that you should be able to floor their attack chance.
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