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  1. My Controllers all make extensive use of the Nemesis Staff and Blackwand prestige powers, and somewhat lesser use of Sands of Mu, regardless of their powersets; they're all significant additional DPS.
  2. I am reminded of one of the narrator voiceovers from Dave Sim's comic "Cerebus the Aardvark" in the Palnu Trilogy -- "When the bureaucrat speaks, the sound of snoring soon fills the room."
  3. That would be reasonable, but when I'm deciding where to park a character, I'll pull up the day job badge list, see what day jobs are left incomplete, and then travel to the day job location and log out. With universities, unless I'm closer to another one, the Kallisti Wharf location is my go-to choice, and with the minute or so it takes me to get there and the tram connection, I should have run down any recent-combat countdown.
  4. It’s a cave entrance along the SE corner of the lake W of City Hall.
  5. I have always gotten a countdown — typically nine seconds — when logging off in a university, and it hasn't made any difference for getting the Professor badge; I will either see progress towards the badge or receive the badge, depending on how long the character was logged out.
  6. When you log out in the open, you have a countdown to actually logging out, put there to prevent people from logging out to get out of a fight gone bad. Logging out near an SG portal, or in places like a graveyard, are 'outside' as well, so you get the countdown. Log out someplace safe, like a store, the Vault Reserve, City Hall, Ouroboros, or a tram station, though, and the countdown is zero -- you log out immediately; in the case of the tram station, even if you're standing on top where you can easily be attacked, or possibly actually be in combat (the drones can't be everywhere). However, if you're inside a university, where you're safe and can't be attacked, and you get the same countdown you would if you were outside. It's not a big thing, but is it possible to mark universities as 'safe' for the logout timer?
  7. This is something that drove me up the wall back on live with Trick Arrow -- Rain of Arrows, as described, was a more than decent power for a tier-9 ability... except that it was virtually useless in combat. After you designate the target location, by the time the animation and arrow flight ran out, the combat would almost always have moved completely out of the AoE, and you just waste the attack on empty ground.
  8. From what I remember from the events on live, the snowmen spawn within the level range of the zone where the present is, and the spawn size and composition depends on the size of the team you're on when you get a 'Naughty' result.
  9. Despite all the work that was put in to make Paragon Chat work, except for specific celebrations that were held there, I could never spend more than a short time using it; running, leaping, or flying around Paragon City, it always felt as if I was watching the zombie reanimation of the game -- it was there, it was moving, but everything that gave it life was gone. It let me go back and remember what we had, but it was also a reminder of what we'd lost. I had a bet with myself, though, that at least one of the developers at Paragon Studios had kept a copy of all the game source, executables, and tools, even if for no other reason than having an offsite backup in case of a major failure. I'm more than gratified to have been proven right.
  10. That day, I went around parking characters in various places -- the Matrix room under the arena in PI, the roof garden in SE Atlas, etc., but for the shutdown itself I needed something more. I logged in with the first character I'd created -- three days after launch -- and joined a league running a MSR, all of us determined to not let NCsoft's actions affect how we played the game, and ran the raid just as if we expected the game to continue. We were all down in the bowl fighting the Rikti when the shutdown happened, heroes to the end.
  11. When you're zipping around Paragon City or the Rogue Isles opening presents, you will randomly get temp powers like Build Snow Beast. But you don't want the icon for it in tray 1 where you might use it accidentally, so you drag it to tray 3. Later, you get the temp power again, and it puts an icon in tray 1. Both that icon and the one in tray 3 say '2 uses' when you mouse over them. Feeling lazy, you leave the icon there in tray 1. You get the temp power again, and the game, unable to put two icons for the same power in one tray, puts an icon for it in tray 2 -- all of which say '3 uses' when moused over. Each time you get the temp power, the game creates another icon in the lowest-number visible tray that doesn't already have the icon in it. Even sillier, if you already have the maximum stack (10) of such a temp power, you'll still get icons for it dropped in your trays each time the game 'gives' you the power, even though you don't actually get more uses of it. I don't expect this to be fixed for this go-round of the event, but in the future, could the temp powers be set up to not throw icons in the character's power trays if they already have the temp power?
  12. It's a reskin; the 3D models are the same for the blue caves, the Council caves, and the rarer brown caves.
  13. Are you sure you're connected to the Homecoming servers and not to Paragon Chat? Paragon Chat is essentially a chat server using the CoH client as a front end -- you can create your character, enter Paragon City, and can use Sprint, Super Speed, Super Jump, Fly, and Teleport (IIRC) to move around the zones, but your only interaction is with the other people logged into the chat. There are only a few fixed NPCs like the trainers in place, and no wandering NPCs or traffic.
  14. The Winter's Gift recipes -- travel, travel/end, and 20% cold resistance Opening the presents scattered around the zones can give you temp powers, too -- Build Snow Beast (a pet summons), Instant Snowstorm (creates a visual snowstorm around allies -- no combat effect, though), Duplicating Gift (to chain passing around among allies), Snowball (make and throw snowballs -- snowballs don't cause aggro, so they're fun to throw at enemies), and Mystery Gift (open for a random reward). Note that the consumable temp powers you get from the presents (Mystery Gift, Duplicating Gift, Build Snow Beast, and Instant Snowstorm) stack (before burning one each on a Posi 1 and 2, I had five Snow Beast uses), but the ones you buy with canes from the vendor don't, and if you have any of the present-awarded versions, you can't buy more from the vendor. The Mystery Gift, when opened, randomly awards one of: Candy Cane, 250 Inf, Build Snow Beast, Snowball, or Jingle Jet. You can also get a Mystery Gift when someone gives you Holiday Cheer (purchased from the candy cane vendor).
  15. Some years ago, at one of the 'meet and greet' events held at the San Diego Comic-Con (when NCsoft was pushing Aion and Tabula Rasa, and CoH got to come along for the ride), I asked Positron about the feasibility of an editor that would allow players to make maps using the existing resources. I'm sure that most people notice that the 'indoor' maps are just a set of standard blocks joined together, and it seemed to me that if the players were able to make new maps with them, it could immensely increase the variability of the office, lab, and cave maps. Unfortunately, from his answer, the map development was as roughly done as most of the other support software that they worked with, and while linking the map blocks themselves was simple, it took a fair amount of fiddling to make them line up properly. If you've ever been in an office map (this happened more with the new color maps that appeared in CoV) and found a black wall in the hallway, that's the result of a tiny misalignment between adjacent map blocks. So, until the devs made the time to upgrade their tools to make map building easier, it wouldn't be feasible to make them accessible to the players. And it appears that they never made the time before shutdown.
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