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  1. I wonder if just making them neutral -- like the yellow-frame Crey in Brickstown -- would be enough to deal with that.
  2. Ding during the first of the mid-day MSRs, then swap to another character for the second. It's faster to hit the shield with the first character to log them out in Point du Hoc and swap than take them back to the Vanguard base and train first. If you get distracted, the character left at Point du Hoc might sit there for a day or more before you get back to them.
  3. Also, as a similar 'nice to have' bit of information, a display of combat/security levels if the character is not fully trained -- i.e., "38/40" for a character who is level 40, but only trained to 38 -- so you can see who you need to train to bring up to full status.
  4. Wasn't there a recent update that was supposed to make the visuals for Wild Fortress constant, instead of only showing on activation (zone Changes, etc.)? Sounds as if that change isn't working properly.
  5. It would be a nice QoL upgrade if pet powers were made 'smart' using a derivative of the code that handles sidekick/exemplar status -- you rise in level, either by dinging or a change in leader, and your pets' level goes up in parallel. Go down in level, and your pets decrease with you -- although this is complicated by the need to desummon pets you no longer have the power for (i.e., below 21 for the tier-3 pet), and the number of tier-1 and tier-2 pets may need to be reduced. But I don't know if the code would support making a change like that without serious unwinding of the spaghetti code
  6. In the same way that the Ouroboros portal power was altered so that you no longer have to be on the ground to summon the portal, can the P2W powers for the various buff pets be altered so that you can summon your pet while just off the ground?
  7. With pets using groups that already exist in game, the problem becomes one of a) establishing visual differences for the base, first upgrade, and second upgrade versions of each tier of pet, and which abilities the pets get (and at what strength) foe each level of upgrade. This may or may not run out of existing art assets with the group, and may or may not require additional animations -- all of which would be more complicated than simply subbing in the models from the group for the base pets.
  8. You could make the argument that, with the retention rate that City of Heroes had, its very existence challenged NCsoft management's preconceptions about what an MMORPG should be, so they nerfed it all the way into the dirt so that it would no longer exist as a counterexample to their fixation that high-churn team-centric cash-shop-based MMOs were the best way to go.
  9. And while we're at it, can we go back to the old form of exemplaring for TFs, where someone who was too high level for a TF had to be paired with a character who was in the level range for the TF, so we can control the number of people bringing high-level characters to low-level TFs and being overpowered compared to the people who are "legitimately" doing the TF, diminishing their contribution and ruining their emjoyment? If you can't recognize it, yes, this is sarcasm. The changes I've seen made in the game over the years (barring certain nerfs I decline to address, and which are
  10. The "Council weapons rack" object that's used for mission glowies for weapons (the other being the 'Warriors weapons rack' with melee weapons) is either missing polygons or has several of them facing the wrong way, so the surfaces are not drawn correctly for the back part of the frame:
  11. One mechanically simple way to address the issue is to create command IDs for each of the random power/emote effects -- for example, Propel would have separate messages for 'throw car', 'throw fan sculpture', 'throw pool table', 'throw dumpster', etc. -- and either have the server generate the random item and pass the correct command ID back to the originator and everyone who can see the power activation, or have the client where the user is activating the power generate the random item and pass the correct command ID to the server to be forwarded to everyone who can see the power activation.
  12. Give pets the same speed as their summoner (whatever it is) when out of combat, dropping them to their current speed in combat.
  13. When you use the emote, your client generates a random food item for you to eat. Anybody watching you has the server send "XXX performs the 'eat' emote", and their client generates a random food item that they see you eating. Passing the food item from your client to the server, then to the client of everyone who can see you adds delay, and adding more emote types makes things like the emote menu off the chat window bigger. Neither of which are necessarily reasons not to do it, just warning about the side effects.
  14. You still don't get the Wedding Band if you're over 25 when you complete that arc.
  15. It's a nice tool to pull with, since it doesn't aggro any mobs it misses (or nearby spawns, and deposits stunned mobs for cleanup. I do have to warn you about an odd quirk if you use Wormhole with "up:max" for the destination when you're outdoors -- sometimes mobs launched this way forget that they should fall back to the ground afterwards, and remain standing in midair where Wormhole dropped them. I have yet to explore the limits of using it with "cam:max" to fling mobs off of buildings, or "back:max" to yank mobs out of a spawn and deliver them back where the rest of your team is waiting to
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