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  1. There are some things that are more important than capes. From PvP Online's strips about CoH shortly after launch:
  2. And sometimes German, with its agglutinative nouns, works really well; I picked 'Steuerstab' ('Control Rod') for a Rad/Mace Brute I created recently; I liked it better than 'Kontrollstång' (Swedish), 'Styrestang' (Danish), 'Stýri stöng' (Icelandic), and 'Ohjaussauva' (Finnish); the Italian, Spanish, and French versions were all rather clunky, although 'Te Raakau Mana' (Maori) was tempting.
  3. I was playing the Mace/Rad Brute whose costume choices spawned this thread, and had another thought; I don't know whether it would go under War Mace or Titan Weapons, but the Nemesis Staff is right there, all the artwork and object animation done -- the argument for War Mace is that the Nemesis Staff animations are all one-handed, and the argument for Titan Weapons is that it's considerably bigger than the other War Mace weapons, closer to the size of many of the Titan Weapons choices. Given the number of characters running around with a Nemesis Staff from the P2W vendor, it seems reasonable that someone would have started using it "off label" as a blunt instrument as well.
  4. It gets stolen from him later, only to turn up in radio missions, where you are sent to recover the P.L.O.T. Device.
  5. IIRC, it's a set of bind files that remap the movement keys; one file's binds move (as per the normal key), try to fire Domination, and load the other bind file, with the same set of binds, except that they try to fire Hasten. There's no reason why you couldn't do the same thing with three or more files, one file for each power to be triggered. It does depend on your keeping the character moving, though.
  6. One of my characters, Machinator Magicus, has a similar hybrid background, being from an alternate dimension that went the direction of Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos novels, where magic was the technology. When he got dumped into Paragon City, he was wearing a suit intended for protection in the dimension he was supposed to be going to, and it failed colorfully on arrival due to magic working somewhat differently in this dimension, forcing him to relearn how magic worked and rebuild his gear -- essentially a magic-based technology character (and also explaining advancement in level, as he learned how to make spells and enchantments he already knew work in this dimension).
  7. I recently made a Mace/Rad Brute, and I noticed something about the three Carnival of [X] weapons -- the color choices color the main body of the mace (primary) and some tiny detail bits(secondary), while the energy ball held framed in the head of the mace is... yellow. It would expand the customization range if the detail bits were folded into the main mace color, while the secondary color tinted the energy ball. Not having the code ready to hand, I've got no idea whether the art was set up to allow this to be done without a significant amount of work, though.
  8. I did a DFB once, just to see what it was all about. Once I'd seen that it was the 'character's first PL' setup, that was it for me.
  9. Watt? Ewe don't halve a spilling checquer too make shirr awl yore words arr spilled write?
  10. The English name was already taken, but picking a foreign language allowed me to take the translated name for a Mace/Rad Brute -- 'Steuerstab' (Control Rod).
  11. Are these powers that have alternate animations? It's a known bug that some of the alternate animations lock you down for about twice as long as the animation time should be.
  12. It would be interesting to know where you got that expansion from, since I've always seen it as 'Point Blank Area of Effect' across dozens of games including CoH.
  13. Just now: [NPC] Gravedigger Slammer: Why you heroes dress so crazy?
  14. Or you can buy them off the AH, although if you want an attuned version of an enhancement you already have, you're better off selling the regular enhancement and buying an attuned version, since they sell from the same pool -- the price you get for the enhancement will usually be very close to the price you pay, and much cheaper than buying a catalyst.
  15. You can attune them as soon as you can slot them, since you have to use the enhancement combination screen to do it, and that only works with slotted enhancements.
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