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  1. One thing that I think is part of the 'who will run' determination is that the person doing the active crime -- the mob pulling on the handbag, or directly threatening another mob -- is more likely to be the one that bugs out first, and if you attack them first, it stops them from running. It doesn't always work that way, but it's more common than one of the others in the spawn.
  2. I'm certain that someone developed a tool to take a Sentinel+ character archive and load it into a server's database. I also expect that this is something the Homecoming management will likely not implement. Because it requires connecting into the server database, I would expect that such a tool would be limited to vanity or personal server setups. Importing from the character databases on the live servers, assuming that those databases even exist, is theoretically possible, although it would require both access to the old character databases and the intention of the server management to do the import, either or both of which I expect we'll find lacking for the 'regular' servers, although again it might be something done for a private or vanity server.
  3. The problem that I've found with my Rad/Rad Brute is that while the attacks are powerful, they're also slower than other powersets, which means that you're more heavily dependent on keeping yourself surrounded with attackers in order to efficiently raise/maintain your Fury. On TFs, it's great -- run into the pileup around the tank and go to town -- but I've found that Fury fades quicker with Rad Melee as you do yourself out of attackers than it does with other powersets. It makes Scrappers, with their fixed-rate Critical chance, come up a little more to the good in comparison
  4. Power Boost doesn't affect knockback any more. Back on live, before ED and that change, one of the pasttimes for the easily amused was to take a level-50 /EM blaster, six-slot Power Push for knockback, then go to Atlas and find a Hellion, line up so that the Hellion was between you and the long axis of the zone, hit Power Boost, then Power Push the Hellion. Because you were 50 and the Hellion was under 5, you'd get a huge boost to your knockback effect, and with a good shot (i.e., missing the buildings), you could punt the Hellion diagonally across most of the zone. Even with a more rational slotting of Power Push, you could easily get a couple of hundred yards.
  5. Well, хуй. And I just noticed the announcement, too.
  6. Or the one who shows up occasionally on one of the barges in the bay on the south side of Port Oakes with the two or three Family around him getting ready to throw him into the water, and you attack the Family... and he tries to 'run' off while they're distracted, jumping off the barge into the water, and winds up standing there knee-deep in the water after they're defeated.
  7. She's been alone for years; she's got needs.
  8. Or wonder why the exit from Echo: Galaxy City to Perez Park is blocked off.
  9. When you hit 12, go do the Invention tutorial for a free IO, and then fit yourself out with 15 IOs, making and slotting additional 15s up until you hit 22. Use your level 20 respec to unslot all your enhancements and save them in your SG storage; after you run a few characters to 22, you'll have enough reserve to cover 90+% of the level 12 slotting for alts. Then make and slot level 25 IOs, and you're on your way.
  10. The physics I took in high school and college makes me point out that a kilogram of helium will rise only so long as it is at a pressure that makes it less dense than the air surrounding it; the reference to a helium balloon establishes that for common usage, while 'a kilo of helium' does not. Two identical containers, one with a kilo of lead, the other with a kilo of helium, will fall at the same rate in a vacuum, after all.
  11. Cain Royce (and presumably the other 20-24 contacts that send you up against the Banished Pantheon, like Andrea Mitchell) are apparently unaware of the events occurring in Paragon City. One of the early missions he gives you is to go off and defeat 20 Banished Pantheon, advising you that Dark Astoria is positively overrun with them. Even though the closure of the hazard gate into DA should have been a big red flag that things have changed, he doesn't seem to realize that he shouldn't be pointing level-20 characters at DA any more.
  12. Take a closer look at the ductwork when you land on it; it all has a texture showing the spangles you get on galvanized sheet metal. And each of the different foot costume pieces has a different sole pattern, although you probably won't notice it unless you have a flight power. Back on live, I'd noticed that the trees swayed in the 'breeze', and that you'd knock leaves off if you flew or jumped through the leaves, but I'd never noticed until a few days ago that it's just the leaves that are swaying -- get in close to a tree and watch the leaves move, and you'll see that the trunk stands perfectly still, while the leaves move back and forth. Looking at it from the viewpoint of a designer, it makes sense -- the trunks are separate objects, so they can be used for bare trunks in desolated areas, while the leaves are animated to move -- but it was entertaining to see the leaves moving without affecting the tree.
  13. Making something difficult is no substitute for making it impossible. If it's possible to enable a function for all users, then you can easily make the argument that the long-term goal in creating the function was for all users to be able to use it. Having been a software developer for the government for more than 35 years and been through Security+ certification, I think I can say from experience that if you want to prevent the general users from being able to use certain functions of a piece of software, you design those functions so that they require the account of the person attempting to use those functions to have identifiers that it is not possible for a general user account to possess.
  14. Do the exploration badge run for AP and KR, then make yourself an SG base with a teleporter linked to Echo: Galaxy City, run Galaxy's exploration badges, then go to the tram in Echo: Galaxy City and go to Echo: Atlas Park, and run the exploration badges there. That will double your merit accumulation to 20, and you go back to the Echo: AP tram, take the Ouroboros portal to Ouroboros, run up the spire to get the exploration badge, which gives you an Ouro portal you can drop (but not use until 14), then go back to AP.
  15. That's subject to the 'fade time' for the language. You can write a BASIC program, leave it alone for a few years, then pick it up and still be able to figure out what it's doing without too much trouble. Well-written C code, you leave it for 6-9 months and you'll have to spend some time working through the code to puzzle it back out, but it's doable. FORTH, you go off to get a cup of coffee, and when you get back, you have no idea what the code is doing.
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