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  1. Fly's Acc debuff got removed somewhere around when City of Villains was released, IIRC. Maybe earlier.
  2. Have the mission owner go to base before mission completion, then take the porter to Eden, then go to the Hive and position themselves for a good Kronos spawn. Then port back to base. After all that setup, complete the mission. The mission owner exits the base via the base portal, and is returned to the Hive, because that was the last zone he was in. And the Kronos spawns in the Hive.
  3. The "Circle of Thorns 3" shoulder piece has a flappy, cape-like part hanging in the back. It appears to use the cape code for coloring, as the outside takes the colors you select, but the inside remains in black and white, and is uncolorable. You can work around the issue by making costume colors linked, which spreads the shoulder colors to the inside of the capelet, but if you're making that change after working on the rest of your costume, it can screw things up.
  4. Back on live, the devs adjusted the mission reset function so that you could only reset a mission, IIRC, six times before the reset did nothing, leaving the mission as you exited it last. This was done to address the perpetual resets of the wolf farm missions before the addition of AE to the game, at which point some of the focus turned toward trying to police the AE missions to catch 'no risk' XP farms, and never changed after the aggro and target limits were put in that prevented the 'herd the whole map' process that the wolf farms relied on.
  5. The waypoint being reset to the your assigned detective in the zone happens only when you enter a zone for the first time; on subsequent entries it doesn't happen. Still, I agree that it's annoying, and unnecessary if you already have your police radio.
  6. All of the Outcasts' summoned fire imps, whether Frostfire or the Lead Scorchers, properly 'die' when the summoner is defeated. I think the reasoning behind why some pets do and some pets don't is that for the various controller/dominator pets, they're summoned and empowered by the will of the summoner; when the summoner goes down, the force holding the pet(s) together dissipates. For the critters summoned by the CoT or Rikti portals, they're self-contained entities; once they appear, they're there until defeated. For the husks summoned by the BP Death Shamans, you can make an argument both ways -- they could be fully empowered when summoned, and independent from that point, or maintained by the shaman, and should go down when he does.
  7. For mobs that get stuck in the geometry, I don't think that there's anything that can be done. For mobs that fall through the geometry, there's a 'floor' beneath the map geometry that these mobs fall down to; if there were some way for this floor to be designated as a continual-damage area, so that any mob that fell through to the floor would take enough damage to kill it immediately or over a few seconds, that could address most of the problem. It would still leave flying mobs, who could be knocked through the geometry but not land on the 'floor', though.
  8. Actually, I've seen two examples that suggest that it happens, although offscreen. One was a conversation among a group of Hellions where one says "No, I'm telling you -- he got the purse!", and the other one was a 'pass by and come back later' situation in Kings Row over on the east side; I was over there to talk to the contact there, and there was a Skull playing tug-of-war with a civilian. When I'd finished with the contact and headed back out, the civilian was gone and the Skull was rifling a handbag. So there is at least the suggestion that purse snatchings can be successful.
  9. Quidquid Latine dictum sit, altum videtur. Unless you're trying for "sounds snooty".
  10. I sometimes wish the ragdoll code was a little more sophisticated, with limits on the movement of body parts; it can be disturbing to defeat, say, a Council Marksman and have the body lying there on the ground doing an imitation of Linda Blair in The Exorcist, except that they're spinning at the waist and making five or six turns.
  11. Turn down your graphics settings. I was having continual CTD problems with MSRs, where I would get down in the bowl and have my client blow up within two minutes. Reducing my graphics settings to 'Recommended' solved the problem, and I haven't had it recur since.
  12. Vah! Denuone Latine loquebar? Me ineptum. Interdum modo elabitur.
  13. When the team clicks, it can be awesome. And sometimes the setup makes all the difference; I remember being part of an all-Kinetics ITF that Kay ran on Guardian; it was a steamroll mostly because everyone was hopped up on boosts, with pets zipping around like hummingbirds on crack.
  14. That's been in the game since fairly early on live, and there's never been a fix for it. I suspect that it's actually a communications problem between the server and your client -- you one-shot a mob, and the server sends a packet to tell the client to make the mob fall down, but the packet doesn't go through, and the client leaves the mob standing; the server 'knows' the mob is dead, so it never sends any more directions for it, and it will just stand there until there's a wider scene update and the server tells your client, "Oh, by the way, these mobs are dead", and your client updates by despawning the corpse.
  15. I'm not sure about the aura mission, but I distinctly remember getting a notification, when I got a character to 20, that I'd reached the level where I could earn the right to wear a cape, and was directed appropriately to the contact.
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