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Is the Server hosted at DigitalOcean Amsterdam?


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Depends.  It is a cloud hosting service.

The service itself is "Safe" but I doubt they have vetted everything hosted on their servers.


Look at your firewall/filter and see if you can open by IP.

Run Wireshark and set it to log while you try to connect.

Pull the logs and you should see a connection attempt to an IP.

Whitelist that IP/Port.

Do the same every time you encounter a block until you can play the game.

This should open up Score CoX but leave the rest of the host blocked.


But that's a general idea of what to do.  Specifics based on your situation may very.

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I just ran it from Tequila to Sewers and this is what the IPs look like for me:


Tequila looks at:


Game Server:


Not definitive, I just did it based on the eye test and timing, but those are the three IPs I see and all point toward Digital Ocean.




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