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Screen Lockup When Quitting Game. (Linux)


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i5-64 computer with Nvidia 750ti


I switched over to Linux Mint 19.3 in April and have been running COH in Wine/Lutris without any problems. Loading is a bit slow because i open Lutris and click on COH, Lutris triggers Wine, Wine triggers Tequila which brings up the COH preload screen. My screen resolution changes to the COH default and then the COH splash screen starts and then the sign in screen. I sign in and play. When i am ready to quit I log out as normal and return to my desktop with my usual desktop resolution.


That's how things normally go.


In the last two days I have had a new and random problem when I log out. i usually park my characters in a day job location and hit quit to desktop. The game quits but instead of returning to my desktop i get a black screen with a small COH log in screen in the lower left corner and the music is still playing. Resolution seems to be back to normal. i can access the desktop by using the keyboard  and can close Lutris and Wine but the odd coh screen and music remain until i use the xkill command.


Nvidia is up to date and System Reports show no crashes. There are no crash logs in COH  or Tequila. I had installed some updates (libxau and libseccomp) but they're related to networking (?) not graphics. I did a backup before  install so i can restore if i have to.


Has anyone seen something like this before? Would this be a desktop/Nvidia issue or a Wine/COH issue? Thanks.

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