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NPC missing breaks Neutropolis Ouro arc

Daaj Czeos

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In mission 3 of gold-side Penelope Yin arc, she tasks me to speak to Aaron Walker on the zone, not inside an instance. When I get to his location marker he's not there barring me from progressing. This is from running the mission from Ouroboros, I do not know if this is an issue when getting the mission normally. I'm attaching a picture for clarification.



Edit: The mission is "A prince and the magician", max level 20. The server is Indom.

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I don't remember the details well enough from Live to say for certain, but that location reminds me of an inherent screw if you're playing a mixed-loyalty character in Pretoria -- that character is the first Resistance contact in Neutropolis, and you have complete his arc to get passed to the second Resistance contact. Meanwhile, there is a Loyalist mission where completing the mission results in him being taken into custody, at which point he disappears from his spot in Neutropolis. If you haven't already completed his arc and been passed on to the next contact, you're stuck with the Resistance story line -- there's no way to advance.


This may have been fixed since the last time I leveled a Praetorian back on Live, but if you're playing a character that started in Praetoria, and you did the Loyalist mission that removed him, it could be that the Ouro arc is inheriting your personal history, and 'showing' him as being in Loyalist custody, rather than on the street.

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