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League Groups hard to manage, get scrambled.

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I was on one of those big Incarnate raids recently, and while it mostly went smoothly the league leader had a heck of a time trying to move people around to different teams within the league.


First the League got scrambled when we zoned into the Trial.  This is pretty bogus and should really be fixed, there's no real reason for this to happen.


Second once we were in the trial it was impossible for the league leader to rearrange people within the league.  Some rearrangement was possible, but sometimes moving people to different teams would fail or some other problem would prevent it from happening smoothly.  This is also pretty bogus and there's no real reason for stuff like this to happen.


Don't mean to be too negative, overall SCORE and the Homecoming team are doing a great job.  I realize these are problems that occurred when the code was still at Paragon Studios.  Still would be nice to have the code fixed.  Thanks!


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