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Minds of Mayhem Itrial Guide


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Came to the forums looking for info about the MoM incarnate trial today.  Did not see a guide so here are my notes and my burning question.  Burning question first!  Does any part of the MoM NOT scale down for smaller leagues?


Guide now!  This guide is designed for leading casual runs with PuG groups who are unfamiliar with the trial.  For specific information about the story and content of MoM, Paragon Wiki has a trial summary.  https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Minds_of_Mayhem_Trial


League formation is key.  Form a league of 53s who are ready to focus and read and follow instructions for 40 minutes.  Somewhere on the league there should be heals, a taunting tank, and plenty of DPS.   Having everyone at lvl 53 is not required to succeed but it sure helps. 


Warn the league in advance about not accepting Des's rez.  Accepting her rez takes time off the clock and can lead to a failed trial.  I've started to kick for accepting Des's rez, to weed out folks who don't/won't follow instructions.   


ROUND 1:  Defeat Malaise (twice) and three nightmares.  This is a basic battle.  The only parts to watch out for are the groups of psychics and the pink circles.  It's good if players who have adequate dps and status defense/resistance  clear out the psychic mobs occasionally.   It's also good if the tank keeps moving the AV/nightmare out of the pink circles.  When Malaise comes up again after the 3 nightmares, he will have a jade spider with him.  The spider can be ignored.  


ROUND 2:  Defeat Penelope Mayhem.  This one is difficult mainly because everyone in the league has to know all about all of their powers.  Can't use any uncontrollable pets, knockback, knockdown, aoe, cones, or damaging auras.  Everything has to be single-target.  If someone has a pet with KB or if someone has a KB proc in a power, that can cause failure here.  A smooth run involves the entire league huggling Penny constantly.  A tank using a single nondamaging taunt pulls a storm void to Penny.  Once the void is at Penny (melee range), the league defeats that void and then Penny will take damage.  If the storm voids will not come to her at all, someone in the league is probably using a kb aura or power on Penny.  If the storm voids come but then leave, it could be a proc or a kb power that someone is using only occasionally, OR I discovered today it can be a tempest gyro that is too close to Penny.  If it's a tempest gyro, defeat it to get rid of the KB.


ROUND 3:  Defeat Mother Mayhem without letting Aurora die.  For this, send a team of 2 or 3 to help Aurora.  Masterminds are great, just circle her with pets.  A kin can stand at Aurora, turn on repel, and use transfusion to heal her while killing clones.  An emp defender is great but likely will need a friend with dps to help defeat the clones.   The rest of the league should huggle Mother Mayhem constantly so you don't have to call out the blue circles.  If anyone on the league gets a red circle, that one person should leave.  Focusing only on the red is nice to reduce instructions and yelling.


ROUND 4:  Stop Shalice from getting to the center of the map.  Confusion can be a big problem in this battle, so clarion is helpful.  Taunt the nightmares to Shalice and defeat them at melee range to stop her.  Each nightmare stops her for a period of time.  If you need more time, you can also stop/slow her with a high-mag hold, or by standing between her and the center and using repel or a kb power to push her back toward her starting point. 


ROUND 5:  If the league is new to MoM, get everyone ready for this in advance.  The entire league needs their destinies and tier 9 powers fully charged.  As soon as the league zones into Mother Malaise's mind, drop lore pets and buff.  Warn squishies to stay out of melee range to avoid the worst damage.  I've seen people call for lore pets at the end of the last Malaise battle in Round 4, but I think the game allows enough time for dropping pets after zoning into Mother Malaise's mind.  Personally I would worry about losing pets to the World of Anguish (pink circles) that happen in Round 4.  




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