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  1. Wondering about the wide range of targeting commands? What's best? Targetcustomnear? Targetcustomnext? I was wondering too and spent a few minutes testing out a bunch of options. Here are the results: Generally: These tools identify targets within the character's line of sight. They won't identify a target behind you, but if there is a target ahead, the targeting tool may find it even if it is outside your rendered environment. You can use any part of a target's name to identify the target. "Fake" will target fake nemesis. "Immunes" will target both
  2. Neutron Decay's kindness and grace made this world better in a lasting way. It was always a pleasure to join his league. /em holdtorch
  3. As I recall, it was several months of weekly tfs before you put me on your team. 😘 But you did say no one would give me trouble for bringing a pb, and no one did. Those Tuesday and Saturday task forces were the best. You all had fun every time.
  4. until
    Contact: @sundew Location: Ouroboros, Everlasting Shard Time: 9pm Eastern More info:
  5. What to do when you're online and you feel like doing a casual BAF and no one is running one? Start a BAF! It's easy! How easy? Pretty easy. This is not intended to be a detailed guide to BAFs -- for that, there is an amazing set of posts by BlackSpectre, link to PART 1 below. Suggestions for running casual BAFs: 1) You can run it fine with 12 people, but if most of the league is 50/51 and unfamiliar with BAF, keep recruiting until you have a solid group of 53s (5 or 6 of them, ideally some with good dps). It's a very good idea to have at least one tank o
  6. So this comment is how I learned that we lost Todogut. Rest in peace.
  7. Today at 5pm Eastern time. Going forward, they will be Saturdays at 5pm Eastern, and the next official run is tentatively scheduled for 5pm Saturday, August 15.
  8. Came to the forums looking for info about the MoM incarnate trial today. Did not see a guide so here are my notes and my burning question. Burning question first! Does any part of the MoM NOT scale down for smaller leagues? Guide now! This guide is designed for leading casual runs with PuG groups who are unfamiliar with the trial. For specific information about the story and content of MoM, Paragon Wiki has a trial summary. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Minds_of_Mayhem_Trial League formation is key. Form a league of 53s who are ready to focus and read and
  9. Thanks! That explains what was happening today on our MoM. Does anyone know -- does any part of MoM fail to scale down for smaller leagues?
  10. Thanks to everyone who came today on both successful runs! Currently planning to do weekly practice runs and monthly signups. If you prefer a particular time/date for a scheduled run or just want to be on the next one, send me a tell! Great leagues today, thanks again to @Ukase for the great tips, contributions, and leadership.
  11. Yes! We got the RHW badge in a practice run today and our league had a lot more melee than the league makeup I was planning for the badge run. I think we had 3 tanks on a 12-player league. Therefore, the restrictions on archetypes are lifted and all are welcome. Please still send me a tell to sign up.
  12. We are a liiiiiiiiiiittle short on corruptors right now. I've just rolled a fresh sonic/kin corr and will do my best to get her up to 53/T4 by 7/11, to add debuffs. Other corr sets that would be incredibly helpful: Radiation has great -def and accelerate metabolism. Dark is all -tohit, all the time, and Howling Twilight can be helpful. Apparently Ice has great single-target DPS. Most importantly, every Corruptor gets Scourge. Scourge will be our best weapon against Tyrant, who gains regen as he drops HP, so every 53 corruptor will be welcome regardless of powersets.
  13. This Saturday (6/28) at 4pm, will do a RHW practice run with anyone interested. Will run with a PuG league and will ask everyone to have 2-4 ultimate insps in case we get close enough to succeed.
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