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Radiation Therapy Bugged, not stacking


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 About to hit 40 on my scrapper, and so far only twice have i had it stack the regen per target hit on it. Playing the set it's clear that this is how it's supposed to work, or at the very least stack per use, or both, but it's often not stacking (it must be set to do this given how miniscule it's actual heal/end values are, and even with a full hit, one death mage's twilight grasp still floors you anyway)


This needs fixed so that it properly (consistently) stacks each time you use it.


Likewise, the regen bonus in particle shielding doesn't last the full duration, and the absorb shield only lasts a few hits as it is anyways, this power clearly should have a 60s rech, not 120, much like it's Energize counterparts need too on elec and ea.

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