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  1. It's ESPECIALLY bad for haunt since it notifies the mobs and they attack you before the haunts, or if the target dies, the haunts fail to cast.
  2. I was actually going to request the opposite, since it's very easy to macro/bind to a target, but powers that cast on the enemy i've noticed have a lot of chances to not hit them cause it somehow makes the power go under the floor or something.
  3. I thought it was ok here. It was other public forums like you tube that weren't allowed.
  4. On a tank at least no. If I try the empower combo and then start the weaken combo the weaken combo never lights up right or works. It seems to help if all attacks for the combo are recharged before starting the combo but thats not foolproof and still fails a lot. Once I literally did 3 rotations of NS and AS and not one thing lit up an orange ring. Actually ONE time it did pull off the weaken combo without the orange rings but only once. I tried to duplicate it but couldn't. That's the most frustrating part of it cause you can't even learn how to work with the bug.
  5. Or just ignore the combos anyway, since at least on the tanker i'm playing the combo system is bugged, and after you get the first one off, the powers will randomly light up with the orange ring,then when you use nimble slice, nothing lights up. I even have nothing with an orange circle, used ablating strike, and then ablating strike lit up...
  6. About to hit 40 on my scrapper, and so far only twice have i had it stack the regen per target hit on it. Playing the set it's clear that this is how it's supposed to work, or at the very least stack per use, or both, but it's often not stacking (it must be set to do this given how miniscule it's actual heal/end values are, and even with a full hit, one death mage's twilight grasp still floors you anyway) This needs fixed so that it properly (consistently) stacks each time you use it. Likewise, the regen bonus in particle shielding doesn't last the full duration, and the absorb shield only lasts a few hits as it is anyways, this power clearly should have a 60s rech, not 120, much like it's Energize counterparts need too on elec and ea.
  7. This is correct, but playing the set is very dumb, even with full values constantly on both it still wouldn't be OP. Pretty sure radiation therapy especially is bugged by not stacking, and particle shielding should easily have a 60s, not 120s rech, especially since the regen portion of it only lasts for 30s, and the absorb shield lasts like a few hits. Going to make another thread about it, but twice now i've had it actually stack per target hit and it was noticeable and finally felt right. *sigh* FYI, resists in general need fixed across powers and set bonuses alike. Defense cap is 45, resist cap is 90, double the amount, therefore easily resist powers and bonuses should have double the value of like defense powers/bonuses.
  8. Yep, that's why, though I'll agree it is the absolute dumbest mechanic for a heal attack to have considering how enemies are often dead before they're contaminated or you can tell which ones even are. You basically have to ignore that the heal on the attack is even there and just accept that the power is unfairly weighted to that fact to have worse damage/rech/cast time stats for it.
  9. It states that the recovery portion is unenhanceable. The bigger issue is that it even allows end mod sets in it (end reduction yes though to reduce the end cost to cast it)
  10. They also come at heavy opportunity costs for both power stats and set bonuses often times. Procs are definitely not OP.
  11. I do miss that for toggles and quick attacks. That's the problem though, old system "op"d quick attacks but was useless on long recharge powers, now people say that long rech powers are being abused. In either system I wouldn't consider them making anything OP, but there are clearly situations where slotting the proc is next to useless. For this reason really they should just guarantee the procs but formulate the amount of damage/bonus/debuff/etc based on the rech/slotting/cast time/etc
  12. They're not. The current "abuse" that's ever being mentioned IMHO is the only thing that makes them useful and actually even worth slotting.
  13. I 100% agree, and you should look at this post i made a while ago about this as well:
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