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  1. I think you just explained why you actually agree lol. And while touch *works* it's far from optimal especially on a blaster where every DPA matters especially when in most cases that's all you're casting it for. Shroud, far too low of a radius too IMO esp for being toggled off constantly. Would be nice if it was a dark version of warshades orbiting death and as mentioned at 20 as the "dynamo" type power that only supresses. Maul, even with the melee version upgrades i would still debate it but at least then it would be WORTH it if you did. And DC, for obvious reasons lol
  2. Dark Manipulation has a LOT of potential that is being widely underutilized and could use a few tweaks. First off would be to move death shroud to 20 and work like Dynamo does, so it can't detoggle only suppress, and gives a toggle sustain power as well. Then make Touch of the Beyond a ranged and wider area version of the new melee touch of fear. Shadow maul as well should receive the melee version treatment, and then lastly, on ALL versions, fix dark consumption to a much shorter recharge/higher damage/15ft radius. Something like 30-45s double damage of current, and 15ft radius, and boost mos
  3. Generally you'll want to take both unless you are possibly ice/fire or another melee heavy aoe secondary. I REALLY wish they would change it out to an "ice ball" version like fireball instead of a cone though for these reasons so it's more useful in melee, which most ice blasters need to supplement the aoe anyway.
  4. They also REALLY need to fix corrosive vial and give the experimentation pool the sorcery treatment. Being at 4% effectiveness of other rain powers is NOT ok, and injection is horribly weak for a non perma single target buff.
  5. What they SHOULD do is make it a cone and speed up the animation a little.
  6. I honestly dislike frozen fists more because for one you can't even skip it on tanks, but also cause you should be able to have a faster attack to fill chains, but hate both. Frozen fists in all version should CLEARLY be .83s frost punch like stone fist, energy punch etc. As per GIS, I just wish they'd give its old ice sword slash faster animation and that would fix the problem better IMO.
  7. Ah capitalism at it's finest. Also if that were true you would be ignoring it and not posting on here :). But in all seriousness, it's sad you choose to be malicious rather than supportive of something that would only benefit even if you personally don't care, where others clearly do.
  8. FYI, ignoring the problem doesn't make it not a problem anymore. The squeaky wheel gets the oil etc and so forth. This has been an issue for a long time, if not an overhaul to optimize it, at the VERY least for the love of God make it so the drop down from category doesn't RESET after conversion, and instead stays on your last choice aka category.
  9. Or would be fantastic if this wretched system was ACTUALLY fixed.
  10. I'm about to, this especially category conversion is HORRID...
  11. Dear LORD please fix this first thing before anything else. Nothing is more annoying than having to click that dumb drop down EVERY time to change it to category. At the very least just make these radial buttons, but please do SOMETHING ASAP, if not the proper ability to also right click on the IO, and hopefully a "automatic roll" till you get what you specify.
  12. Yeah mainly for the ATO proc. I suppose it would be more beneficial/easier then if they actually just made it have a proper buff icon for the ATO proc, and Shinobi-Iri, and then also listed in the combat log what the crit chance was per attack like it does hit chance.
  13. Ah ok thanks. I guess it's guaranteed chance at least vs the crit the proc firing. I wish they would put crit %/buff in the combat attributes like they do for fury etc.
  14. I'm most curious about how it's percentage works for that first aoe attack
  15. Anyone know the amount of crit chance shinobi-iri gives?
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