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  1. And ground zero ugh, it literally casts in 1s, then you just stand there like an idiot for 2 more seconds for no reason. Also the -regen resistance is bugged as well as seen here:
  2. Still not seeing the buff powers being pbaoe with wider radius XD
  3. Yeah I never cared much to stack it anyway, pain and extra crashes. Should just be flagged not to stack and remove the defense debuff from the crash and it'd be good. I know SS needs more fixes than just that, i'm just saying/hoping it is a quick fix for tankers to roll out with this next patch so i can finally redo my SS tank, but i just can't get past being forced into jab...
  4. That's my worry, the toggle part i like, but would be fine with it's current absorb just re-tic'ing. Definitely agree on the larger radius.
  5. Does this mean that the absorb will stack with it's previous values up to 20s? Or does this mean a nerf to the amount of initial absorb per tic with it's current max only achieved after 20 seconds?
  6. While they're at it too they really ought to make the to hit buff (if not also replacing/adding defense instead) in combat tp last more than the 5 seconds, 60s or something would make more sense even if it doesn't stack would be fine.
  7. Oh yeah the travel changes are great, i'm just saying that the tier 4/5 in travel pools should only require one pre-req, other pools like origin pools and leadership etc could still take 2 pre-req for their tier 4/5
  8. TBQH, i can't think of a single toon i actually have the tier 5 of a travel pool on, specifically because of the opportunity cost of being forced into the travel or usually lame tier 1/4, so for all travel pools IMO tier 4/5 should really only need one prerequisite.
  9. Oh, thought only the tier 5 did, well then fix it so only the tier 5 needs 2 prior, or for flight pool alone even, only 1 prior.
  10. I love the idea of EM, but it needs to be at least one tier sooner so you can skip cj without being forced to take fly/group fly/melee
  11. It makes a lot more sense though, and those who take those, would probably want evasive maneuvers anyway
  12. no, resist and protection are different things, unless they have protection, mag .01 (versus .67) would be the same, and would still knock down.
  13. Enhancements > Overwhelming Force > Knockback to Knockdown: Fixed this proc not always converting to knockdown when stacked with other knockback effects This is a start, but PLEASE just make all knockdown powers/procs mag .01 so there is never any risk of them stacking when you don't want them to.
  14. I wish evasive maneuvers was earlier than tier 5 as it's main intent in my eyes is to go fly pool and being able to skip combat jumping, should be at least tier 4 and then group fly tier 5 IMO
  15. For CoT and Carnival and whatever other NPCs do -regen, please fix their twilight grasp especially and/or the armor sets that have regen resistance so that it actually does something. One twilight grasp no matter how much -regen resistance and regen you have will literally completely floor your regen or close to it to where it doesn't even matter.
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