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  1. Exactly, procs already have opportunity costs, and are not guaranteed either. I think the current system is fine for how it is and shouldn't be touched any further. The POINT of the procs is to help out the sets and powers that don't do what you want them to do on their own. IE like the damage in Char. Any other nerf to them and they would be completely useless for the most part.
  2. No I 100% agree cause I had the exact same thoughts. Especially since it drives down the farming, that means less recipes on the market. It also means that less farmers rolling the ato/winter IO lottery packs and those are going to be driven up as well. In addition, it also doesn't give any incentive to exemplar, I would propose that they offer more threads/shards when exemplaring as well.
  3. Except I do find them fun, incredibly fun, except for this ONE key point that is completely unnecessary. Honestly as annoying as it is, a big part of why is the slow animation and ability to find and target them after you summon them. If they made them targettable sooner, and more importantly made them pbaoe clicks with a smaller end cost it wouldnt be so bad.
  4. It's also a matter of fun too, as this is what this game is for. And this is a huge concern regarding that as well. It's not just unnecessary, but it's a huge annoyance dealing with casting, and also waiting for the pets to summon after you cast the power to even be able TO buff them. It was the number one thing that kept me away from even making my first MM. And when they made it an aoe, i gave them a try, and stuck it out through several MMs. And it is consistently the number one reason why i'll just not want to play my MMs and deal with that. I have not come across one person in game who does not feel the same way. No other AT has to deal with such a detrimental and annoying mechanic within their AT, except for basically like melee armor tier 9s with a crash. Which you can see that most people skip due to that, but the problem is that you can't skip those powers on a MM, because they are 100% necessary.
  5. I have suggested both actually, but of course the most likely would be keeping the equip powers but making them auto auras that proc. Having to equip them during battle like that isn't "part of the playstyle". It's just a hindrance that doesn't need to or should be there. The uniqueness and playstyle of playing a MM is CONTROLLING those pets, and having them be most of your damage/survival and keeping them alive. The weakness of the class is that for one you can't buff the recharge of the pet skills, and that most are very susceptible to knockback, damage, and the like. Also that the main source of your damage doesn't benefit from most IOs and set bonuses either. It doesn't need the upgrades to be clicks simply to be an annoyance, and having them as auto auras doesn't overpower the MMs either. There is no reason valid enough to keep them as click upgrades vs auto auras.
  6. I would, and have agreed that they are much more necessary on the MM. I'm simply stating that there ARE uses for them outside of MMs, so it shouldn't impede on those just because you prefer MMs over troller/doms. And you also proved my point, and went against yourself in a way as well. The aura IOs shouldn't be meant to be required for any AT. They should be nice to help them out and make things smoother. The BIG problem, is if MMs are NEEDING those, then the MM needs re-looked at as a whole as to why those are so needed. The big thing as I've stated before is the training buffs needing to be on an auto aura. Then they wouldn't need to survive as much if you just recast them and are done with them. And as to the troller/doms, while not 100% necessary, they do their intended function, and make them more survivable so you don't have to micromanage them as much, not just for farming situations. I wouldn't farm with a fire/ff, but it sure is nice to not have to keep attention to the imps as much and actually have them not insta-die against AVs. I think allowing the pet IO sets to go into the MM attacks is the best solution for both the more this conversation goes on.
  7. 40% is far too low for a set. It should be at least 60% for any set that needs to hit. Losing 5% dam/rech stats wouldn't be much to get another 21% acc.
  8. So what is the value of the heal it gives. Will this be able to go into powers like stamina/PP/SC? Also, has anyone else not noticed that this set is SERIOUSLY lacking in accuracy? Any power that deals damage to even use the damage stats, is going to need accuracy as well. I would at least make that dam/rech into acc/dam/rech. The end mods should be left alone cause otherwise it would reduce the already lower values of that within the set.
  9. Jack frost is a perfect example. He has 25% defense as a base. Give about 4% for maneuvers, that 29% defense can turn to 39% defense which is a huge bump in survival, especially on a dominator who doesn't have another means to buff/heal him. Let's say you have a FF controller, especially Fire/FF. The shields and maneuvers give about 33.5% defense. Getting 10% more to give them 43% is almost capped and makes a huge difference on the pets survival. Another big one is my plant/traps controller. Between creepers and fly trap as well as acid mortar and FFgen, on top of stacking with ffgen and maneuvers, those aura IOs i have in him make a huge difference to keeping all those pets alive especially with triage/spirit tree helping to *heal* them. Even/especially on the creepers i noticed a difference when i got those IOs with the way the build works. I'm not granting that they're not much more useful on the MM in general, but they do have uses out side of MMs, and I don't think it would be right to get rid of those for the non-MM classes that do use them. I fully get what you're saying, I don't use those aura IOs on most of my troller/doms but that is usually more of a matter of slots than anything else, doesn't mean I wouldn't like to fit them on the pet if i could, and that I don't have builds that do in fact use them. Perhaps what we would need is to make those sets "loyal pet" IO's, and then the new ones "intelligent pet" IOs with the new aura IO and separate that they can't use one vs another. That would be a lot of new IOs though.
  10. Generally due to the control yes they do survive better, but that doesn't mean that this change should ill-effect any builds that do use them for the sake of MMs, Spiders come to mind. And without the support sets, doms could use them as well. I think what we need to find is a way that it works for both. I think allowing the pet atos to be used in MM attacks would be the easiest solution. As per the training powers, i would start with my suggestions above about reordering the powers, but on top of them needing to be auto auras, I always thought that for the skills they give, that you should be able to slot the training powers for that. Perhaps reworking those training powers to affect supremacy. So they would be auto, but then "automatically adds training to supremacy", and in addition to the acc/to hit of supremacy, the equip/upgrade would have the ability to slot the aura procs as well.
  11. Vet level 100 is already a trek. I would say an extra 4 or 5 slots, every 20 or 25 levels till 100, and make those slots special to be chosen either as a regular slot or a special 7th slot.
  12. Is it not the same damage resistance as sonic dispersion with mez/kb protection? Which not to delve into how all resistance powers should have a higher value tbh since you effectively need double the amount to equal their defense counterparts, and since you're not avoiding the attacks altogether they should really have better status protections too also and end drain/slow resistances. So unless I'm missing something then no I don't think it would be out of line as a click power or pet.
  13. Unfortunately the chaining powers actually created a new pseudo pet after each enemy so you dont get the proc bonus if it goes off in the chain only for the initial hit. And yes there are a ton of powers that need to allow the lol proper IO sets. That's one of them, as is singularly taking hold/imm/ranged damage sets, and quicksand taking defense debuff sets etc.
  14. Besides not being a toggle (which is one of it's biggest issues) this is just like lifegiving spores which honestly is SUCH a pain moving between mobs and repositioning. I would much rather they make it a click buff or pet like ffgen.
  15. Dang was hoping it was a click buff like farsight. Well people are crazy then if they think it shouldn't be usable while mezzed and have an issue with the rech/duration.
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