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  1. Except it does, it's specifically on the 32 upgrade power, but it is DEFINITELY there. and very noticeable where it is not there before you hit level 32. It is much exacerbated by the change last year where DOT effects were given a general "ai fear" which is also part of the problem that i wish they would address. It makes sense for burn patches somewhat, but DOT in general should really not do this. It is not a "L2P" issue. I have more than enough vast experience in the matters, but I also believe you shouldn't be forced to have to take an aoe immobilize. I really do like the MM AT, but that is not to say that it doesn't have more than it's fair share of issues, like the -2 minnions especially in late game scaled up content and upgrade powers needing to be auto (which i feel you'd be one of the people to say it's fine as is i'm sure...) This is one example though, where i agree thugs is fine OTHERWISE but ends up being really detrimental to the whole set overall having them spread out because of something you can't control, outside of literally making the arsonist not attack (or forcibly making him skip his most damaging attack too which defeats the purpose).
  2. Just beware of the arsonists fear in his attacks. It's HORRID and needs removed asap.
  3. Necro until they fix that dumb fear in the arsonist.
  4. Can we get obscure sustenance fixed for sentinels please i really want to play my sent XD
  5. Touch of darkness being the sustain is also horrible. It would be much better if it was a pbaoe cloak of fear with a wider radius and sustain.
  6. Thats definitely a bug that also is affecting obscure sustenance in dark armor for sentinels. It's the same bug that was affecting sky splitter in staff that they FIXED, but needs fixed on these powers as well. I would imagine it is also bugging soul absorption in troller dark affinity.
  7. Which is exactly why the purple patch should not affect debuffs/controls. Make +3s and 4s harder, but debuffs/controls get full value to make those sets more desired on a team.
  8. Also, except that for those other attributes as i've mentioned like heals if you need to use them, you need them NOW usually, and don't have time to click powerboost first in most cases etc. Also given it's long rech for a fairly short duration also being a key issue, is that it really only benefits boosting long duration buffs. The only way to really still make it worth it if it were to not affect defense buffs (which please god don't), would be if it could also (which it should) buff regen, recovery, and resistance buffs (though i wouldn't expect resistance cause i know that's a huge coding mess). Or if it was instead an auto power (which the /energy manip blaster set also REALLY needs this to be auto/toggle) that passively boosted all your heals, endurance, holds etc. But having to click it for that short duration, is not conductive to any of it's uses outside of boosting long duration defense buffs.
  9. Except when you survive those, which you have at least 90% more chance to do so, and regenerate the health back. The absorb amount is TOO little to matter much beyond that initial 10% more damage, which in most cases you only take that one spike, and is then otherwise useless. It's absorb, it IS supposed to spare you from the up front damage, and currently the amount is too low to do what it's supposed to properly.
  10. Exactly, so the times where the absorb is better is MUCH less likely beneficial for it's amount versus the regen. To capitalize on it you would have to literally be only taking damage consistently in a burn patch or something, which is usually never the case. However, if the absorb amount was increased, at a slower proc rate, that would give you a higher absorb amount (same absorb/time) to actually be worthwhile to take harder hits at random. (ie like if you have aoe knockdown powers like energy blast, you attack with the shield, and with your first volley they hit you, take the absorb shield, but then are on their butts in the 4-5 seconds before the next absorb tic procs, and then you have more absorb again. It's numbers, and in no way would it not be more beneficial to have a higher absorb amount at a slower proc rate to equal the same absorb/second.
  11. This. In general I feel like proca should be left alone, and the PPM especially shouldn't change. But as I gather the abuse comes from having 3 or more DAMAGE procs per power more than anything else. This by far seems like the best idea, where more than 2 damage procs per power should have diminishing returns. Kinda like proc ED.
  12. Can we also PLEASE make sure to get right click commands to convert IOs, ie right click and press "S" for in set conversion, "R" for rarity, and "C" for category. Would help out a TON when mass converting.
  13. Like all ranged cones, they need their rarget cap upped to 16. NO reason they should only have a 10 target cap when taoes have 16. Especially on things like dark, sonic, and ar blast. That said a lot of powers like this also need an activation reduction to at least about 1.5 seconds. Especially breaths, howl, and psy scream.
  14. I think this explains a very crucial point. WHY do you think pi council radios are so popular. Because end game they are the easiest things to fight. If people wanted harder content and weaker feeling powersets then they would play other content and PLAY those weaker sets and harder content on a higher average. But while some people do, the numbers clearly show that lots of people like where the game is being able to overcome it. Therefore nerfing the fame and powersets isn't the answer, boosting underperforming power sets and making harder content is the answer. Otherwise you are going to alienate a lot of people who enjoy the easy part of the game after putting hours and millions into their characters. Back to the powerboost option. The same people saying how it's overpowered also say how its not even needed late game anyway. Considering how late it comes to begin with and how incarnate content comes soon after, there l is a very limited window where using it actually uses that nice benefit. I for one enjoy it most not for incarnate stuff, but FOR those radios to bring along baby tools to keep them alive so they can have fun killing tough stuff with more ease. Also on the instant base tp macro, its QOL not making anyone OP. Whatever workaround is proposed, it should NOT go live until that God awful mission bug is also fixed where it sets the mission to +0/x0 if the mission holder isn't in the same zone if someone enters the mission first.
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