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[Heroic] [41-50] Freaks, Geeks, and Gunslingers - Arc ID: 1644

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Description:  A group of would-be heroes find themselves in way over their heads and in desperate need of help, in a tale of shadowy conspiracies, deadly politics, and total pwnage. A Malta arc from a different perspective, and without a single fed-ex.


Enemy Groups: Knives of Artemis (on a tiny map), Freakshow, Malta, customized Crey (I added some custom minions so level 45+ players don't get all tanks all the time)



This is one of my arcs from live, (formerly titled Freaks, Geeks, and Men in Black; thank you Homecoming team for removing that stupid overly restrictive filter)  that I managed to scrounge up from the depths of my old old computer.  It has been slightly tweaked for Homecoming to account for the bug I know about (the captive dialogue has been mostly removed; my NPCs tend to be very chatty and I didn't want a big text dump when the player enters the mission), and has been tested to make sure everything works, but if anything else seems wonky, please let me know.

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