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Shield Charge!


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Let's talk about Shield Charge! 

How are you slotting it?  Procs? Sets? Range?

What are you using it for?

Do you use it on CD, save it from pack to pack, or save it for a rainy day?

Do you use it to move in, or wait so that Against all Odds stacks come up?

Is it worth getting a second lower powered copy from the Leaping Pool?



I've got Force feedback and Fury of the Gladiator proc slotted, since the CD is long enough to max proc chance.  I've currently just got the non-Recharge Scirocco's slotted, but that's more of a placeholder.  With my Global and regular FF procs, it recharges in about 30s, so FF is up around 16% of the time just from this.  I think I should probably through the Apoc Fire Proc in here, but I'd like to keep the 5 piece?  The proc might not be worht it with the base damage so high.


I'd like a bit of extra range on it.  It feels like 60' is just short enough that targeting the middle of the pack will often aggro the edges. Does anyone else slot it for Range?  Is there anything other than basic Range IO or the Zinger Taunt/Range IO?


I like that the CD stays in sync with BU if both have no slotted recharge.  So I'm almost always popping BU (with 90% for second BU proc) before it.


I'm usually just using it at the start of a pack to jump in, Against all Odds be damned.  But on longer fights, or if the CD is out of sync with pulls, I'm also a fan of dragging melee around a corner while pummeling them, then using this to avoid the crowd and hop into the ranged that accumulate at the corner.

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