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No Day Job Earnings


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Good morning all,


After searching the forums and not seeing anything specific to this issue, I have decided to write about it here:


One of the Alts on my account has just stopped earning Day Jobs.  What this looks like in game is, simply, that no Day Job location icon appears at all, regardless of the zone I am in.  Also, it appears that I am not gaining any progress in the badge tracking feature of the game.  To date, this toon has earned just 3 Day Jobs (Criminal, Pain Specialist and Arachnos Agent) but at some point, things just .... stopped.  I tried changing factions with Null the Gull and seeing if I could make progress on the blue side, with no luck.  I sent a petition in game (finally) this morning and hope to hear back at some point.  Curious if anyone else has, or ever had, this issue? Any tricks to get this fixed?


Thank you in advance for replies and thoughts on what might be going on.  

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