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Sound bugs / incorrect sounds


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Kronos Titan: The roar sound effect that banished pantheon demons do is played during foot stomp attack.

Banished Pantheon Totem: the roar sound effect that new banished pantheon demons do is played when he back hands you.

Carnie Strongman: carnie Female death voice plays when strongmen die. 




Lightning Field: On blasters this sound decreases in volume after a short time but for others the sound for this power on brutes, scrappers and tanks and stalkers completely stop playing after sometime rather than the volume being decreased. I am not asking for the same to be applied to everyone else as im pretty sure this is a bug. Personally I wish there was an option for it not be decreased at all. I want to sound zappy and by the way; Let those that don't like these sounds turn them down ya know? (miss my cold domination foghorn) maybe a null the gull option.


Savage melee: most of the powers in this set are unusually loud and can be heard from quite a distance. It also sounds like its coming from different position like the rear channel in a 5.1 or 7.1 setup no matter which way you are facing.




I'll report more as I run into them. Mods/devs cross these out as they are fixed or make a note.

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