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DJ Arcade and CAPE Radio Present ICONIC 4 8/30 6PM EST


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This Sunday the Return of ICONIC with ICONIC 4 8/30 6pm EST. 

What is Iconic 4 you ask? Well ICONIC 4 is where DJ Arcade plays some of the most famous and infamous music in video game history and it is up to you the listeners to guess the correct answers. This year you must give the names of the Composers of these epic tunes. 


1. How do I listen and join in? Simple listen at www.thecaperadio.com or
2. Each track will feature the song title and the game it is from, you must give me the name of the Composer. You get 2 guesses pers song.
3. All answers must be sent to me even via a Tell in City of Heroes Homecoming @Ascalon or via Discord in a DM Ascalon#4775. 
4. Please do not give away the answers... if this because a repeat offense you will be disquified from the event. 
5. The show will be about 5 hours long, starting at 6pm EST and going till we are done. We have 80 songs in total and will be done in groups of 5. 
6. The First person to give me the correct answer will get credit for that song, but Every guess counts. The person with the most correct answers will be the Winner. So even if someone else still guesses keep trying.
7. The Grand Prize Winner will get to create and design a show for me to play in the future plus 150 mil Inf. Second gets 100 mil Inf, and Third gets 50 mil. 
8. Have fun, don't take it too serious and have a good time. Also be respectful to all other players. 

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