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Want a BAF? Run one!


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What to do when you're online and you feel like doing a casual BAF and no one is running one?  Start a BAF!  It's easy!  How easy?  Pretty easy.  


This is not intended to be a detailed guide to BAFs -- for that, there is an amazing set of posts by BlackSpectre, link to PART 1 below. 


Suggestions for running casual BAFs: 

1)  You can run it fine with 12 people, but if most of the league is 50/51 and unfamiliar with BAF, keep recruiting until you have a solid group of 53s (5 or 6 of them, ideally some with good dps).  It's a very good idea to have at least one tank or a tanky brute with taunt, although we've succeeded without (thanks Kabuki for scrapper-tanking!).  Otherwise anything goes.   

2) When queuing, leave the league open (don't click the button to "lock event for this group') and queue before you finish the instructions so the league doesn't have to wait too long.  That helps to keep teams together and also, you might get a few extra from LFG.  

3)  The league will probably run fine without any instructions, but it's nice to give basic instructions.  Especially, mention where you want to fight NS/Siege, doors vs block points, and the rings of shame.

4)  I find it easiest to fight NS/Siege on the tennis courts in a casual run, but have seen other spots that worked fine too. 

5)  When dividing teams for south and north paths, go with 2/3 on south path and 1/3 on north path, roughly.  Most of the 53s on the league should be on south path for the lore pets, but north needs at least one lvl 53 dps or 53 mastermind in case of stragglers.  

6)  We get the no-prisoner badge regularly using block points (I call them block points instead of choke points b/c reasons) and I find doors to be leaky, but on casual runs I don't force anyone to do one or the other unless we start losing multiple prisoners early (like, 2-3).  If you're going to use block points, decide where those will be and tell the teams where to stand.  You can drop lore pets on one and stand at the other, or put a ground effect at one and stand at the other.  Or have a friend at the other spot, or just identify someone who happens to be standing in the right spot. 

7) While we're waiting for the Siege pull, I like to remind everyone to watch both health bars when battling both Siege and NS.  

8 ) I use this reminder for rings:  1 RING = OK. 2  RINGS = BACK AWAY from the league

9) If Siege and NS rez because you miss the 10-second window, no worries you have plenty of time on the trial clock.  Reassure the league and focus everyone on watching BOTH health bars. 

10) Great job on your successful BAF!



League formation stuff: 

1) Form in a coop zone like Ouros, Pocket D, DA, RWZ.  If your shard has a preferred spot for itrial formation, use that because you will form up more quickly.  Be a changemaker later. 

2) When you send an invitation, check your global chat to be sure it went through.  If it won't go because the person is villain/hero and you're the opposite, they have to be in zone before you can invite.  Let them know.

3) Praetorians are a challenge.  If you have any trouble getting them on the league, ask them to  join through LFG or invite them once you're inside the trial. 

4) If someone is locked, it means they have an active tf/mission.  They need to leave the league, exit their mission/tf, and get reinvited.

5) If you are in the queue and someone else wants to join, you can ask them to join through LFG or wait and you can invite them once you're in the trial.  You can invite to league from your chat window.  

6) The command /i invites to team, so if your team is full and you like to use /i, move people to other teams in the league.

7) Teams will be messed up on entry so adjust teams once you're in the trial.  I usually do this during the Nightstar battle. 


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