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Come Explore my Base!


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Hello fellow Reunion players!


The Consortium of Grievous Resolve is an ancient organization of antagonists who have, heretofore,  operated in the shadows.


Now they have decided to throw open the doors of their super-secret base to you, the great unwashed public!  You can get there by entering the passcode SHED-3859.


We have everything you might want and even more!


Teleporters to all over?  Sure everyone has those!  But can you take a sub?screenshot_200423-13-24-01.thumb.jpg.07446d493222de3651f5313e2f574d31.jpg

(Watch out for the sharks!) 

Or maybe a jet fighter?


Trainers, salespeople, and tailors?  You better believe we got 'em all over.  If you look hard enough, you can probably find a Fortunata to change your difficulty the old fashioned way!screenshot_200629-23-06-03.thumb.jpg.b7f6d5899492f8986397c7ac79302f65.jpg

A place to party?   Slammy's HideAway is the hippest spot, that attracts all the cool cats.  If you play your cards right, you might even get an invite to the backstage bash.screenshot_200423-13-27-46.thumb.jpg.4c3f39508453e1c21017b258c95dd030.jpg

Even heroes like Paragon City know-it-all Jane Arcane, here, know how to let down their hair at Slammy's!


We even have casino! Try our Hero-One In A Million Slot machine.  Hey there's that Fortunata!


And that's not even it! You can visit Naplam Blossom's Maze and Garden:screenshot_200423-13-56-55.thumb.jpg.96a3fb73e246e016693f6b0d8c42eabc.jpgscreenshot_200414-23-09-19.thumb.jpg.f818983d1febb81b5d50a77121301185.jpg

While you're there, you should visit the tomb of our founder, Antiochus Ephiphanes IV:


You might even get to go down inside, if you can solve the Sovereign's Secret!(Of course, Jane did. Blasted do-gooder!)


What's the Sovereign's Secret?


Welcome to the secret lair of Alessandra Umbra, Sovereign of the Consortium of Grievous Resolve!  From here you can teleport all over the base!

Only the bravest, most intrepid explorers have dared to venture here.  Most take the long way. 


There is a secret shortcut, if you can find it.


Good luck!

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(Thanks to anyone who has stopped by the base!  I built it when I first came back to the game, and I since have learned that a ton more can be done, but I still love it!)

Tl;dr Come visit my villain side base, and look for hidden stuff.  /enterbasefrompasscode SHED-3859

In an effort to add even more mystery, the Consortium of Grievous Resolve's Grand Council has decided to add  7 new exploration badges.  Sadly, the badges do not currently reward, but if they did this is what the flavor text would say:

#1: Backstage Partier-Congrats, you've got IT, kid.  You've gotten to hang out backstage at Slammy's.  Hope you enjoyed the show!

#2: Vindicating Scion:  Armon of Lemuria demanded that he be granted a sumptuous pool, and this is the best the Sovereign could do?

#3 Drill Sergeant: Operative Shanks' idea of a good time is anything that involves getting to shoot things.

#4 Peace and Quiet:  Sometimes Napalm Blossom needs a place to relax, where no one can find her.

#5 Tomb Robber(Villains/Rouges)/Tomb Raider(Heroes/Vigilantes): You entered the tomb of Antiochus, summoner of the first Consortium.

#6 Fury Road:  In 1072, the town of  Palyria in Asia Minor was mysteriously razed to the ground.  What was left in its place stands before you.

#7 The Long Way:  Congratulations, darling! You found an entrance into Alessandra Umbra's secret sanctum

#8 Sovereign's Secret: Well, look at who the clever one is.  You've made it to the heart of  Consortium's secret lair!

Collect all the badges and you'd also get the badge Don't Be a Stranger:  You have explored the Consortium of Grievous Resolve's lair and uncovered its secrets.


Can you find all 8 badges?  

The Consortium of Grievous Resolve; We have an aquarium now!


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