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Mercy Island/Fort Darwin Bug?

Argent Aegis

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Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. 


Running low levels in Mercy Island/Fort Darwin, most Arachnos Soldiers are allied (blue brackets).  I say most because there is a patrol that walks around the lower walkway perimeter of the wall that are hostile (red brackets).  I am not sure that this is just a throw back to when everything was hostile in Mercy Island or if this was intended to work this way.  The dialog seems to be the same as I remember it back then with the soldiers talking about testing these Destined Ones and all.  It was just unexpected the first time I ran into it.   


In a way, game wise I can rationlize factions of Arachnos opposed to the 'Destined Ones' but it was a little surprising to be set upon by about 5 soldiers ranging from +0 to +2 to my low level villain. 


No big deal (it's more xp + Spider Smasher badge credit) and probably a non-issue for most since Mercy is usually out leveled in less than a half hour by the few that start there.  But just thought I'd bring it up and see if anyone else is aware of it.

Water Damage - Water/Ice Blaster

Atom Bum -  Rad/Fire Brute
Abyssal - Titan Weapon/Bio Scrapper
Razer's Edge - Katana/Bio Brute
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