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Disruption Arrow Effect.

Golden Azrael

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Dear HC developers,


I think there was a bit of a complaint about Sonic's 'Grey Strobes' back in the day (on live) causing some players nausea?


I used to think this was a bit of fuss about nothing.  


Until I got to see the 'Whom...whom...whom...' strobe of Disruption Arrow.


A sound power.  But like the Sonic set, the strobing makes me feel 'urgh' looking at it.  Is there any chance of an alt animation of this?


My duo partner and I are playing Tricks Arrows.  And we were going great guns (or arrows, rather...) until it came to picking Disruption Arrow.  And we had a discussion or 'disagreement' about it.


It didn't effect him.  It wasn't 'that bad.'

But for me?  I couldn't look at it directly for long.


So he kindly demurred to a 2nd build and we picked something else.  (After all, Acid Arrow isn't so bad, eh?)


Any chance of the devs offering up one of the Sonic Shield fx choices for the Disruption Arrow power?





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