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This week I've finally got round to rebuilding my Kallisti site. I built the original way back in 2007 when I was playing the original Kallistis on Victory and it was during that time that the idea for what became known as The Kallisti Girls originated. However since Homecoming brought CoH back, I've fully embraced the idea and its become known as the Kallistiverse. Currently I have over 50 characters started of which only ONE isn't a Kallisti! 12 of them are level 50s (so far) and various others are being levelled up.


The site gathers together almost all of the various writing I've done around the Kallisti characters, although some of the stuff in the Christie Apartments roleplaying thread was too difficult to adapt to this website since that was an exercise in co-operative storytelling and I don't want to appropriate other people's writing, so there are a couple of pieces missing.


I should warn though that there are adult themes in the storytelling, a significant amount of bad language from some of the more potty-mouthed Kallistis plus a certain about of implied nudity in the comic hosted on the site, so those of an easily offended disposition should take heed of the warning 🙂





The Kallistiverse COH site:


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