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Seriously chunky :-(


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Hey folks,


Love to be back in the game.  CITY OF HEROES!!! Just playing on a cheap Lenovo laptop from Costco, figured it would be good to play an ancient game. NOPE.  Chunks all over the place on the lowest setting in Atlas Park. Does *OK* solo in a mission (can turn it up to "recommended") but that's about it. Even caves give me fits with a single team mate.


Odd thing is, this laptop runs War Thunder just fine. Am I missing something?


Windows 10, bs "Intel Iris Family" graphics.


Is there maybe I setting I can bottom out in order to not slide show everything in town?



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I'm not an expert on settings for computers, and I hope other people can chime in with helpful experiences and the settings they use.

But here is a guide on laptops regarding CoH:


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Oh, that post's very helpful, thank you!


Apparently I have a $700 Costco Ideapad Flex 5. 😕 Looking at his post it appears there are a number of laptops in that range that SHOULD be able to run the game.


Thanks for your help.



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