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  1. Added in /powexec_location entry to both the list of slash commands and added a page for the command. But the entry is probably not the most ideal or regulation formatting. Please feel free to refine it.
  2. This isn't exactly what you want, but here is the same data in another format. Hope it helps. Homecoming Ouro reward merits.rtf
  3. Make sure to do an Options, Re-Validate in tequila, and also please check your install directory: So main points: Not in a directory windows messes with (listed above) And at least 2 deep. (Such as C:\Games\City of Heroes ) If other directories are used, windows will likely mess up your game and cause interesting errors or problems later on. Even if it works at first.
  4. Homecoming Ouro Reward merits Hero&Villain 2020-04.pdf Here is the updated merit reward amounts for Ouro arcs for Hero and Villain sides. Sorry for the PDF, this data will be formatted to a more useful way at a later time. Homecoming has previously adjusted merit reward amounts vs Live based on average time to complete the arc. _ Edit: Date added. This was not an adjustment of merit amounts, just a listing long overdue of the amounts HC has had since day 1.
  5. If you aren't just memeing, the application for being a GM is over here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15137-how-you-can-help-homecoming/
  6. Welcome Home! Really glad you found us. I had the same reaction, but was lucky enough to find Homecoming on day one as a player. Still hits me sometimes. Have fun!
  7. Thanks to everyone on Indomitable for coming out! Our Shard winner: GM Kal and GM Korvin
  8. Devs please fix! You now have GM commentary. Yes making teleport work on bosses seems like a great idea. And the fact that teleports already won't work on AVs and giant monsters make it seem like there wouldn't be a problem gameplay wise that I know of. In any case, a teleport is not an instant win. Even if you can teleport bosses, they still just come back at you.
  9. Many times my RP characters go both ways; Sometimes I have an RP concept that I build around, such as slotting and proccing the hell out of boxing for a character with a cybernetic right hand even if it's not efficient. (Damn it's fun to punch them across a street though) Or the build unintentionally inspires RP: A power that happens due to slotting, I end up creating entire RP arc for. Such as the Dominator ATO randomly summoning fire elementals.... well... that means my character has magical abilities going out of control! Creature coming from another dimension seeking his power? What's happening to him? New twist!
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