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  1. I do think the idea is interesting.... but... Sorry but official support of gambling won't be happening in any way. Too much legal risk to the server, and technically against the CoC. We have to prioritize keeping Homecoming around for the long, long term.
  2. "...the GM would operate with personal discretion..." To clarify, GMs on Homecoming never act with "Personal Discretion". We have an extensive training program for GMs, all GM actions are subject to review by Lead GMs, Lead GM actions are subject to review by other Lead GM and top Homecoming LLC staff.
  3. The AE changes currently on beta are being fast tracked, and likely will go live soon. I'm sure it will be live well before Sept 5th, so no need to publish to Beta unless you feel like it. Till then, good luck on the AE designs!
  4. Yep it's all the emote command. ;pets a cat. In the chat window: GM_Kal pets a cat. In a thought bubble above my character on screen: pets a cat. If you specifically type an emote animation, it will do that instead. ;doublefacepalm No bubble, no chat window text, my character slaps both hands to face. Some folks also chat with it when more information is needed, or they want to not just say a line. ;turns to Palehood and says "Good question, glad you asked that." GM_Kal turns to Paleh
  5. City of Community discord has a extensive setup for Discord based RP for anyone to use, that has dice rollers, and "Tupperbot" utility that allows use of alts if you have multiple characters, or want a specific bio and picture for your character. It's not an official Homecoming thing, and not specifically associated with any group; the Cape Radio folks run it. A link is pinned in the HC Discord channel #Evelasting-RP But, activity is currently lacking.
  6. Rikti are historically anti-magic, and many are anti-human (unmodded that is). Totally fine. The above ideas are fine, as long as the CoC is followed: Do not abuse or harass others This includes players, Homecoming staff, and players or staff from other communities If someone wants you to leave them alone, you must leave them alone If someone is put off by your theme OOC and wants to not hear about it or not interact, it needs to end immediately at that point. Preferably with an OOC apology and and an "of course". But, speaking as a play
  7. Incorrect. If you see anything remotely approaching this, it should be reported. The proper method of reporting is to use Menu, Support in game; or https://forums.homecomingservers.com/support/ Not implying things are happening on unrelated forum posts. We are well staffed as far as GMs, but we rely on players actually using the support system.
  8. Thank you for the interesting suggestion. I will remind almost everyone in this thread to refrain from personal insults and be polite when interacting with other players in the future. I am now locking this thread.
  9. Happy to go over this, it's a complex subject, even for our staff! I'll hit the TL;DR first. Alternate versions of CoH signature characters, and their general looks are allowed. Not exact names of the characters, or misspellings that are indiscernible. So first off, we are looking at several different issues here, and lots of conflicting rules. Using outside intellectual property in game is a problem, and against CoC. Using CoH IP within CoH is not an actual problem in a legal sense. In just this aspect of issue by itself, we are ok for using CoH signature char
  10. They fixed it in the most recent update. Uninstall if you need to and get the new one. Should fix it.
  11. Yep the FBSA is mentioned in game a good amount. And thank you for what you do Michiyo!
  12. Razer has been more about looks, advertising, and brand than quality for years now. Same experience. My Naga died barely out of the short warranty. Since then I have only bought ReDragon Perdition MMO mouse. Same "all the buttans" type as the Naga, only better quality, and actually.... Cheaper.
  13. And just meant for Ouro flashback. Yeah we can use all the help we can get updating and confirming info on the wiki
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