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  1. Server devs have been notified, we are posting updates on the HC discord. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!
  2. I usually pick out several emotes for each of my characters that suit their personality, then make macros for them. But honestly, I think individualized pop menus would be good. I usually don't bother with that though.
  3. Don't worry, me and Tempest bug the hell out of the devs for more RP stuff incessantly. Just that the devs have a long to-do list.
  4. maps/missions/V_Arachnos/V_Arachnos_45/V_Arachnos_45_Layout_02_02p.txt (1045) Please fill in the floors of the inside of pillars. So so many foes get knocked into the pillars, then fall 10+ stories down "the tube" that is all the pillars in this Arachnos base.
  5. I didn't know him, but my condolences to his family, friends, the staff here, and all the players that played with him. I am really glad he got to play CoH with friends again after shutdown, even if it was a little while. He sounds like he was a wonderful person.
  6. 4th wall is extremely hard to pull off, because it's difficult humor. Particularly when interacting equally with others. It can quickly get dismissive of them. If none of this is real, then you possibly implying that what other characters around you are doing is meaningless. But, it can be done. The best results I have had is using it extremely sparingly, so it "hits" at he right time, and don't make it your main focus. I played a character that was facepalmingly stupid. He would go around making these musings and ponderings that were just extreme dumb,
  7. When you absolutely need to communicate, and you need a good "copout", use: ;calculate ...and emote magically drawing words in the air as you give the text. Is this cheap? Maybe 😏
  8. The SnakeDen looks super shady! What kind of illegal treats were given out? Sus! Thanks alot for the thoughts everyone! We love you!
  9. I can't implement this myself, but I'm happy to share what I do to lessen the effects: Bio has a low Effects mode, and with any powers, remember that if you color a "bright" mode effect a dark dull color, or a "dark" mode effect a bright color it makes it more transparent. You can color Rad effects very dark grey, and they look like barely there ghost or wisp effects.
  10. No idea on the justification on that, but 2.0 is usually overkill when I am running tactics and kismet, and just using it to clean up trash. Fast cast time = aimed less? No idea.
  11. Totally understand that. I still vividly remember my first log in here after so so long. Hearing the neighborhood music intros and standing under Atlas with everyone hanging out and showing off is amazing. Still.
  12. All the judgements are basically the same damage if you aim them right. Such as targeting near the center of a pack with pyronic. But Ion you do not have to bother. Pyronic casts much faster, so that's my usual choice.
  13. If you bought Scrapper nice things, like Critical strikes ATO, Scrapper would love you back.
  14. Just a reminder: We have set up several social media accounts in preparation on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. Links listed here: Feel free to follow them even if they are not in use, yet. Actually there are things you can do! Please follow the rules everyone. That simple. Some of them might be frustrating, some might be.... odd from a non legal perspective. But every rule we make is for a reason, and those reasons all have to do with keeping the server safe, around long term, making sure the maximum number of people can enjoy it harassment an
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