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Keybind Issue... Please help


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So, I have the following file as instructed elsewhere on this forum:


numpad0 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\all.txt
numpad1 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Demonlings.txt
numpad2 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Demons.txt
numpad3 bindloadfile d:\coh\binds\Prince.txt
divide powexec_location me summon demonlings
multiply powexec_location me summon demons
subtract powexec_location me summon demon prince
add powexec_name enchant demon
numpadenter powexec_name abyssal empowerment


Then in the ALL.txt file, I have:


numpad4 petcom_all aggressive
numpad5 petcom_all defensive
numpad6 petcom_all passive
numpad7 petcom_all attack
numpad8 petcom_all follow
numpad9 petcom_all goto
lctrl+decimal petcom_all dismiss


And of course all the other files as well...


My problem is this... numpad0 and numpad4 are not working.  I can't load my ALL file, and I can't set my pets to aggressive (in any of the files, not just ALL).  I tried binding these two to other keys, and they still don't work.  My 0 and 4 work fine normally, so I know the keyboard isn't at fault either.  Does anyone see a problem with the syntax in those two lines that my overtired eyes may be missing?  Any clue why those two (no matter the key bound too) aren't working?


Thank you!

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