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Mission completion bug, and XP Booster bug


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Apologies for reporting two bugs in a single report, but they might perhaps relate. Issue 1 is a hypothetical. Issue 2 is definitely real.


Issue1: In a solo mission, if the archvillain you must kill dies just after you do, the mission is not considered complete. If you Hospital, then re-enter the mission, you must kill one more enemy before the mission logic will notice that you completed the mission. The problem is, what if there are no enemies remaining? Presumably the mission will never complete.

One can reproduce by killing archvillain with a final blow that does damage over time to kill them, and die just before they do.


Issue2: I have the P2W xp boost (I verified this by checking my icons, and the fact that I went to p2w just before the mission). I defeated Silver Mantis as described above. At the moment of that defeat, the game said:

> You have defeated Silver Mantis

> You gain 13,837 experience, work off 13,837 debt, and gain 44,278 infamy.

After I went to Hospital and returned, and killed one final enemy, the mission understood that it was complete, and I was told:

> You were able to contact Silver Mantis

> You gain 7,420 experience and work off 7.420 debt

Notice there is no mention of Infamy. In addition, I scrolled back to the prior kill, and saw the following:

> You gain 1,977 experience and work off 1977 debt.

Again, prior kills had no mention of infamy, so I'm convinced the XP booster was working in all other cases.


Here is my ignorant hypothesis: Since I am dead, and perhaps I do not "exist" to the mission at that moment, the game can not check whether I have the XP Booster, so it tries to fail gracefully and uses the normal experience/influence allocation methods instead.


The issue, of course, is that I would rather have earned the 44,278 infamy as experience 🙂


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