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Please move General Discussion up the subforum list

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Suggestions & Feedback is too high up, and I'm seeing a lot of jokes from posters that basically point to the growing sense that S&F is a dumpster fire.  I think there are real issues with S&F not having content moderation (as opposed to behavior moderation, aka "being a dick" vs "this is off topic and I'm splitting it into a GD discussion thread").  But this is all volunteer-moderated so... Occam's Razor.


Make GD more prominently displayed; move it to the top of the subforum list and let it attract our trashy posts in a single, easier-to-moderate location.  Hopefully help S&F get back to what it's supposed to be (especially the "Feedback" half of that title, which currently is an entirely lost concept).

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Example: Not intended to call anyone out; I just think the current status quo creates this sort of thing.


Here is a thread created around a very singular suggestion: a gameplay suggestion revolving around

  • A specific set (TW)
  • A specific AT (Scrapper)
  • A specific ATO

It took one post to be derailed into how often TW is played, with an obvious segue to whether or not TW deserves nerfs.  



I count two posts on the entire first page that actually address the OP.

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