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Animation Bug: Blaster, Beam Rifle with Ninja Secondary


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Made a Beam Rifle blaster with the Ninja secondary, and the rifle's attacks animate from my knees.  Testing on character creation now and tried Energy Manip secondary and the beam animates correctly. Switched back to Ninja, and it's bugged from the knees again.


*EDIT* Can confirm, tried on character creation, worked on all but Ninja secondary.


*EDIT EDIT*  Tested, Assault Rifle/Ninja is also bugged, firing from the knees.  Bow/Ninja worked just fine.  Pistols/Ninja works just fine too.

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I actually have a thread on here that says the same thing.  It's a known bug, confirmed by GM Coldsnap.  It happens with all of the 'ninja' sets and ranged weapons, including the Scrapper Ninja tools ancillary.  And it doesn't go away if you respec out of it, or so it was said.


Edit: My thread on this is in Bug Reports.

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