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New Echo Zone

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Here is an introductory note for the idea from an dialogue between Mender Ramiel and a junior Ouroboros Acolyte:


One day, while going through several events in the timestream, one ouroboros acolyte spoke to Ramiel about a finding he'd just made, it was First Ward as it had been before the seeds of Hamidon and the devouring earth completely destroyed it, back before when it was known as "The First Praetoria" which served as an inspiration for the creation of Nova Praetoria later on.


"Ramiel! Look at this!" Said the acolyte "I never thought I'd find a record of First Ward prior to its complete destruction! has anyone else looked at this?" inquired the young acolyte to Mender Ramiel. Ramiel looked at the pillar intently, studying the images "No! I don't believe anyone has, or should, except maybe... Montague Castanella!"


Is it possible that a new Echo zone can be created in Praetorian Earth? Obviously the zone I was referring to would be none other than Echo: First Ward/First Praetoria which is obviously First Ward as it was before its complete destruction, and the Westerman Building serving as some sort of Commerce or Local City Government location, and a smaller scale underground with a location that's sealed off.


Enemy groups present around the city would be the following:


Imperial Defense Forces (scaled down)

Praetorian Police Department (same as with Nova)






Enemy Groups around the forbidden crags

Disfigured mutants (Pre-Ghoul)

Devouring Earth (Herders, Mushroom Caps, Golems, Quartz, and Lesser Devoured)



Renegade Carnival of Light (the faction that will become Carnival of War)

White Knights


Enemy Groups around Mercyview Cemetery


Low level Apparitions (Could use the ghosts from Croatoa)

Pumpkin fiend (The Strengs from Croatoa)

Ravenwing Cabal (Could Recolor the cabal witches from Croatoa and have them appear here)

Midnight Masters (Recolored Midnight Squad)


I'll leave the rest of the Dev Intellect to fill in the other Enemy groups, but this is more or less what I was thinking of.


Edit #2:


I found a wiki with information about First Ward which was copied from the Official CoH website:



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Adding additional References and background
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