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  1. Welcome Back! There's five shards (Nine if you count the two beta and two staging shards) to pick from each has its own particular flavor of things and its own particular difference. The first five are where everyone is, you can use the other four if you have a beta account and the manifest with the beta shards, those are where you go to test out the new features (or storyarcs) in development before you play them on live (helps the devs tweak and adjust things). Have fun, and more importantly, good hunting ;)
  2. Forts have a slightly different mechanic (an amalgamation of Willpower, Modified Blaster Ninjutsu and Leadership) which makes them unique. Whereas Seers use some powers from Sonic Blast (Sonic Shockwave) for aesthetic which should be re-labeled Psionic Shockwave. The Resistance powersets are COMPLETELY unique, there's absolutely no Plasma Fusilade or any type of plasma ammunition-power available in the list of powersets. The Praetorian PD have a very different Powerset as well, they have some kind of energy barrier shield and some kind of plasma gauntlet blast, and a lot of the Praetorian PD costumepieces are not available. A similar mechanic should be available to make the Larger PPD gauntlets available, there's a TON of IDF costumepieces that are not available either (The large chest armor, and large power source backpack with antenna) and the energy gauntlets.
  3. Please see the title of this thread: Weekly Discussion 77: Designing an Epic Archetype for Praetorian Earth This is what this particular thread is focusing on, We're not focusing on Primal Earth on this particular instance Recommendation: Go here Suggestions & Feedback and start a new thread, title it appropriately "Cage Consortium" and "Goldbricker" Archetypes. Honestly though we don't need Goldbricker or Consortium as VEATs, Coralax, Mu, Malta I can understand and see as viable options, but Goldbricker and Cage? No... They fit the Blaster/Sentinel/Scrapper Archetype better. I couldn't disagree more with you, First Ward, Night Ward, Carnival of Light, and Devouring Earth make up a large under-explored chunk of Praetorian lore, and THAT is the reason why this thread was voted on, to expand a little more on the Epic AT from this dimension. Make no mistake, there's a lot of Goldside enthusiasts that wanted this to be on the discussion thread. I almost forgot another Epic AT category from the Loyalist side: Seers
  4. Some more things to add to this thread given the renewed interest in goldside. Primal Earth: The Hollows Oranbega/Wincott/Troll/Igneous Connection. When you go to the hollows you meet up with PPD Lieuteant Wincott, and you try to make forays against the Outcasts and other gangs until you ultimately come up to the Infamous Golappo (Minions of Igneous) and rescue Sam Wincott from the Cavern of Transcendence. Praetorian Earth: Imperial City Oranbega/Wincott/Destroyer/Devouring Earth/Syndicate Connection. In Imperial City you meet with a gruff, tough, merciless but noble-minded Veteran of the Hamidon Wars, a former Imperial Defense Commander now turned Praetorian Police Commander, who traded his IDF uniform for a PPD one to serve Praetoria and vowed to wipe out both the Syndicate, Destroyers and The Devouring Earth so that Imperial City doesn't suffer the same fate that First Ward did (but sadly might either way). On the edge of Imperial, you meet a young Resistance Commando, he had a disagreement with his dad over how to save Praetoria or how to make life better for the people. Despite his differing view, he too desires to save Praetoria from calamity, and seeking advice from the Carnival of Light. This concept now seems appropriate: The Cavern of transcendence should become a focus point later on in the late levels of the game (Around 36-50) Paragon Chat and Senticon hold the answers to those questions
  5. I've already had several LEAT (Loyalist Epic Archetype ) and REAT Ideas which some of you already had in mind, but I decided to map them out, and most important, YOU CAN'T leave out the Carnival of Light! 😉 Resistance Faction: Resistance Rifleman: Has all of the basic Resistance plasma attacks Resistance Heavy Gunner Elite Resistance Commando Elite Resistance Infiltrator Elite Resistance Leader (Calvin Scott Level type Resistance) Elite Resistance Crusader Assassin (has some Arachnos type weapons) Elite Resistance Warden Operative (has some Longbow type weapons and attacks) Carnival of Light: Carnival Acolyte/Anchorite Melee (Acolyte is Male, Anchorite Female) Carnival Eremite/Shining Attendant Melee Range (Eremite Male, Attendant Female) Carnival Warrior/Resplendent Mistress Mostly Range with some Melee (Warrior Male, Resplendent Mistress Female) Syndicate: Blade Initiate/Brawler Melee Small Arms Adept Range (Uses both Pistols and Submachinegun) Assassin Striker (Uses Sniper rifle and concealment kill) Elementalist (Pyro or Telekinesis) Sword Master Master Melee Corporate Suit (Combination of a Fortunata and a Blood Widow with more emphasis on Psionics) Loyalist Faction: PPD Path PPD Trooper/Enforcer Melee and Ranged PPD Justicar Melee/Ranged and Leadership Support PPD Investigator Melee/Range/Conceal (Assassin type) PPD Interrogator Melee/Range/PBAoE T.E.S.T Trooper Some Melee, Mostly Range T.E.S.T. Provost Mostly Melee, Some range Imperial Defense/Imperial Defense Special Forces D.U.S.T. Elite Commandos @Piecemeal Pre-Sunset, I was actually left with more hunger for Goldside content, definitely no Prae-Fatigue
  6. My condolences and warm regards to those right now mourning NeutronDecay's loss, a candle and a torch to the memory of a Raid Leader 🕯️ /em Holdtorch
  7. See, my fellow Goldside enthusiasts? 😄 This is PROOF that Goldside NEEDETH... NO... DESERVETH much love 💖 I am absolutely sure that her power can be broken and has limits, if you take Crow for example (Crow from the Crusader arc at level 15), he was able to conceal his true motives from the Praetorian Vanessa Devore, and I'm sure that there is a possibility for factions to emerge under the right circumstances *cough* Pandora's Box *cough* Talons of Vengeance *Cough* 😉
  8. Collateral Damage (Laura Lockhart) While playing as one of my FEMALE alts, Laura Lockhart addresses me as "Sir" instead of "Ma'am", I think Laura's dialogue might need to be updated with the good old $Sirmam (which should automatically default to ma'am if you're a female) switch.
  9. Mayhaps even the Primal Carnival could be subject to splintering factions? 😉 Maybe some who don't agree with The Primal Signorina Devore's ruthlessness? 🙂 ITF stands for Imperious Task Force, Imperious being the previous vessel of the powers of Zeus in the Cimeroran timeline, whose successor later became Marcus Cole/Statesman As for The Carnival of Darkness, Well... I wouldn't be surprised if an SG already exists with that name 😉
  10. Sounds reasonable, This City Tracker idea needs its own separate thread though if it doesn't already have one
  11. Again... Players need to be given a choice on that, and if this is such a good idea, give people a choice to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT that's all I got on that... I wouldn't know squat about the secret server years (I'm guessing you're referring to January 2013-March 2019), because all there was for everyone else (including me) at that time was "PARAGON CHAT" Security/Privacy concerns.... Depending on what kind of information you will make people provide
  12. Honestly I think there is no point in continuing this discussion, or modifying ANYTHING... The rules are set, and its time to simply just accept the factors as they are and move on about your gaming experience... Nuff said... That is not a good idea, from a security/privacy point of view and there are MANY who will REFUSE to Opt in, mandating anything is NEVER a good idea... (if you're suggesting that this be mandatory of course...), one should always be given a choice, not have something foisted upon them...
  13. That right there will not win you points anywhere, and the entire point of what you're asking sounds slightly selfish, but of course that's my opinion tho, and my answer to this request would be a firm NO. Its not for me to decide, nonetheless, and yet I felt the need to drop my 2 cents.
  14. There was ACTUALLY a Praetorian PvP zone that was never implemented (possibly got scrapped at the last minute) which could readily be integrated with the right maps and hazard zones built and put into place. Here's a snapshot from Paragon Chat: Its likely that it would require some code tweaks, since it wasn't completed and it can only be accessed via Paragon Chat, I tried to get an image of the map, but its not available sadly 😞 But the unfinished stuff is there, just needs some form of implementation
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