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  1. How about adding the hovering carnie mask swirly from the shadowed paths in First Ward to the list of arcane FX list on the base builder? Here's a screenshot of what I mean
  2. Far from it! That AMD FX6120 3.5ghz Zambezi cpu, with 10 gigs of ram and a Radeon hd 7450 gpu is not a bad system to have at all! You could easily have it as a backup just in case, and looking at it from the whole perspective, I see a blessing in disguise. :)
  3. This actually sums it up quite nicely 🙂 , and I agree 😄
  4. You shouldn't be running ANYTHING that is not 64-bit at this point in time after the meltdown/spectre fiasco, and you DEFINITELY (in my opinion) shouldn't be running anything Intel-powered at this point in time either. You want a decent system, get yourself an AM3, AM3+ or even a low end AM4 Ryzen with the basics. A dual core Athlon (Regor) will definitely run CoH as well as Win10 without a problem, and your basic run of the mill Radeon or NVIDIA with 512MB video RAM should be more than enough to run CoH.
  5. In another thread somewhere else, someone mentioned NPC Archetype sets, but they were Primal Earth Focused. I have therefore come up with some Praetorian-based Archetype sets, like these: LEAT: Loyalist Epic Archetype which can choose to turn Resistance, Hero, Vigilante, Villain or Rogue later if they so wish after level 20 PPD Officer/TEST Troop/Interrogator/Investigator Imperial Defense Soldier/DUST Troop/Heavy Artillery Troop Imperial Seer/Augur/Diviner REAT: Resistance Epic Archetype which can choose to turn Loyalist, Hero, Vigilante, Villain or Rogue later if they so wish after level 20 Resistance Rifleman/Resistance Heavy Barrel/Commando Resistance Pistol Gunner/Resistance Runesoldier/Infiltrator Carnival of Light Attendant/Shining Mistress Carnival of Light Acolyte/Eremite/Anchorite This is just a rough concept which can be expanded, but either new Epic Pools could be made available, or these could just get access to either Epic or Patron pools.
  6. Ok, Which chipset is it? Socket 462? Or 754/939? Or AM2/AM2+ or AM3/AM3+? Is it an Athlon, Sempron or some Phenom? Something other than dual core makes a huge difference, Tri, quad or hexacores make quite an enormous difference processing power wise. If I recall, only the 754 to AM3+ were 64 bit processors and had a RAM limit of 4GB to 8GB and the AM3/AM3+ 16 to 32GB (16GB on the AM3 and 32GB on the AM3+) whereas the Socket 462 were 32-bit only. Does this machine have one graphics port? Is it AGP or PCI-Ex? Is this machine Crossfire capable? (meaning dual graphics cards) Is this machine on a wired or wireless network? Wifi is susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). I won't inquire if it has an SSD or regular hard drive because I saw that some of the other folks have SSD's on their rigs.
  7. I'm going to have to disagree on this being a Windows 7 issue, because I have Win7 myself (Win 7 x64 to be exact) I've noticed that the people who seem to be having an issue all have Intel powered CPUs, whereas I do not, thanks to a horrible experience I had with the Pentium III way back when. The average wait for the screen to load is about 59 seconds to 1 minute and 2 seconds (65 alts), and other than the random mapserve pie and some lag, I have near ZERO issues. Before casting the blame on Windows 7, its time to check how the patch affects Intel and AMD cpus.
  8. I just remembered what else can be added, and it's related to AE. Add some of the maps from a devastated Praetoria with access to the hamidon infested underground (from the Number Six storyarc), add the maps with a devastated Portal Corp as well as some of the maps from the New Praetorians storyarc, and finally, expand some of the zone maps to include sections of the other zones in Paragon City (IE Kings Row, Skyway, and all others not already in there). If possible/feasible, the solo personal stortylines of all the Praetorian characters not navigated: Neuron's Personal Storyarc (which shows what happens to him), Bobcat's Personal Storyline, Mr G's, Chimera's Personal Storyline, Mother Mayhem's, Praetor White's and Citadel's Personal Storyline, as well as all the others. If I think of other things I'll add them later.
  9. In the base builder vehicles list, the Freedom Corps Mi-26 Helicopter (Colored red and white) is missing the helicopter blade animations on the middle rotor and the rear rotor as well as the Longbow crewmember, as posted on the following thread: I'm not sure if someone has reported this bug or not, so here it is.
  10. On the list of vehicles, there are two Mi-26 Helicopters, one is a Vanguard Halo colored in black, and the other is a Freedom Corps Halo colored in Red and white. When you place the Freedom Corps Halo, it's missing both rotors and the crew member. Can something be done about this?
  11. Hello, So, two things you can do or have someone do for you is to have them run a diagnostic of your memory chips (RAM sticks) to see if you got faulty memory, but, with this being Windows 10 and full of update problems, I'm also under the impression that a windows update could have caused an issue. The pagefile should normally be set to about 1.5x the size of your RAM (24GB roughly), if it doesn't have a pagefile, I'd say you should set one just to be on the safe side. Another thing you can also do, is submit a trouble ticket and provide as much information as you can (BSOD Error code), and another thing that could be causing a problem (it happened to me during the summer) could be a failing hard drive, either way, backup what you have right now. If you know someone who can perform a backup for you, have them do so, and without the BSOD it's a little hard to narrow down the issue. Good luck
  12. Rather than re-post these AE Suggestions, I'm going to post the link to these.
  13. There isn't a "proper" way per se, more of an "effective" way to utilize enhancements. The best way to use Pet IO Sets? Well.... For starters, the best way to find out is to TEST everything with a test dummy (a test MM toon) on the Pineapple testing shard (title formerly held by the now defunct Justin) and then do a numbers crunch, or comparison. You could also download Mids Reborn, and also download the appropriate .NET updates to get it to work, and then start messing around with slotting and enhancements to get a good numbers table going. OR (Incoming Praetorian character acronym humor reference 😀) The second (or alternate) thing to do once you've made AND properly slotted your Test dummy (Not to be confused with the Praetorian Tactical Engagement Strike Team :P) with the most awesome enhancements, enhancement catalysts and boosters that you could find (in the testing shard all of the recipes, boosters and catalysts are FREE from the merit vendors), slotted both of your builds, then go into the most dangerous zone you can think of and start taking down baddies, and log your results if you want. Test your holds if you have them, your stealth power if you have it, and your pet buffs if you got them, Test EVERYTHING. On the merit vendor in the testing shard you should have access to pretty much anything or everything you should ever need, and there's also a list of commands in another section of the forums which will allow you to provide yourself with whatever Inf or leveling you need to test your toon (emphasizing you can only use these commands on the testing shard). There's also some additional articles or videos that will show you the different types of combinations of enhancements that will give you different results, just browse around the forums. You mentioned Pet IO sets in the beginning, I would recommend that you expand your focus not just on Pet IO Sets, because there are other IO sets which will SIGNIFICANTLY boost other abilities on your pets AND yourself, which is why I am not focusing simply on Pet IO sets. I did some testing on a Robots MM with some good results and used a number of combinations of IOs (Both crafted, and regular IOs), some IOs grant a combination of percentages whereas normal IOs provide one single large percentage number focusing on either damage, hold, knockback, or whatever the IO is intended for. There are also some IOs which have some unique abilities (heal types regeneration points, psionic damage, heal processes, endurance recovery processes, etc). Finally, there is no such thing as a right or wrong utilization of pet enhancements, just an effective or ineffective way of combining enhancements period.
  14. I'm not trying to be a smart Alec with the following questions I'm going to ask you... So here it goes.... On your Stamina slots, Do you have Endurance Modification IO enhancements slotted? (the ones that look like Training Origin but are invented) If not, I'd start slotting them if I were you, and they are the ones that have the little EKG squiggly line with dark blue coloring. Second, for the "Endurance draining" power, do you have Endurance Reduction IO, TO, DO, or ATO Enhancements equipped on said power that is sapping your endurance? If not, I would equip those on that trouble power (if they can be slotted of course), IO (Invention Origin), TO (Training Origin), DO (Dual Origin), ATO (Archetype Origin). The IO for reduction is an EKG squiggly line with a pastel blue color, and all the others should have a similar color background in the back. Before recommending any kind of code modification for issues such as this, I'd look into enhancements, because code modification (unless geared to fix a serious bug, or crashing-type issue) could break something later down the line. I once was HIGHLY oblivious to the purpose of enhancements or to what and how I needed to equip them, or WHAT I needed to equip so I wouldn't keep getting nuked every time I went on a mission, and learning about enhancements has helped me survive situations that shouldn't quite be survivable (one example, an encounter with sorceress Serene and Lamashtu, another example, a battle with Protean and the clone 🙂) I hope this provides some insight and helps you with your endurance issue.
  15. I got some ideas myself, Individual Origin Story/Stories (for your character) which could or couldn't be part of canon. Access to NPC Costume pieces (Carnie Masks for females, especially the Vanessa Devore Mask, Steel/Bronze Strongman helmets) A Nemesis/Archnemesis type system in which you could pit your Heroes/Vigilantes against your Villains/Rogues, other than just AE. The Liberation/Restoration of Praetoria to a free and sovereign world much like Primal Earth (in which the Hamidon finally makes peace with humanity but is constantly at war with supervillains from Arachnos/5th Column/Council/Nemesis/Crey, and calls for help from heroes/vigilantes or Rogues) so that Praetorians can go back to their home dimension and rebuild it. Maintain a Primal/Praetorian Co-existential zone in Khalisti Wharf. Primal/Praetorian Enemy supergroups clashing for territory in Khalisti Wharf (Example: Freakshow vs former Resistance Wardens, Trolls vs Destroyers, Carnies vs Carnival of Light/War/Vengeance, Paragon PPD and Neo-Praetorian PPD vs Skulls, Hellions, Tsoo and Syndicate). Some sort of Primal and Alternate Praetorian Dimension Rikti Homeworld storyarc. As silly as some of my ideas may sound, they're worthy of consideration, and that's all I can think for now...
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