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  1. @ColdZero Can CoH be run from CentOS 6-8? I'm also trying to experiment installing on a Proliant 365 and an older PowerEdge 2650 but I need to know before I even embark on this
  2. Upon doing a mission in Praetoria, I received a yellow recipe which came up erroneously labeled as "Family_Boss_Defense_12". A screenshot is provided and a ticket has been submitted to alert of this bug.
  3. Yes, you save the day, save dimensions, timelines and even save the city (or cities)... But still, there are things one can't change, and one must remember the previous generation of heroes that came before, never forgetting how precarious the future is.
  4. @Peerless Girl and @Myrmidon Here's where the disconnect and the confusion came from in my last posts: I honed in on the term "Powerleveling" and thought that they were referring to anything an everything powerleveling (fearing they would do away with XP boosts, being able to do radio missions with friends, and making it harder to reach level 50) and I didn't read the rest (I apparently missed the acronym AFK plastered right next to powerleveling). I then saw the whole matter from a "Half glass Empty" instead of "Half Full", plus it's been a semi-stressful week between this quarantine, work, in making heads or tails from the changes coming down the pipe in the game. Part of me has a suspicion of trolls/manipulators causing chaos, and not the norm, because uncommon salvage went from as low as 1inf, shot up to 1k, 10k, 25k, then hovering at 35k for a while, and slowly but surely climbing past 50k. Just a hunch...
  5. I'll take a look just in case there's something else that's been added which I might have missed. Update: Found it! Upgradeable enhancements, early access to DO's SO's and new sets from Mr Yin's store. Not a bad idea, and could help with mitigating the end drain/squish factor some early on. Thanks for that! Update 2: After gaining a fresh perspective from a friend of mine, now I see the bigger picture and therefore have nothing to worry about when it comes to the need for more necessary adjustments to other parts of the game. My apologies for not understanding this better Jimmy, as I needed another set of eyes to help me catch what I couldn't see. This calls for more research on Beta on my part.
  6. 1. Speculation has NOT led to accomplishment 100% of the time, be it financial or in any other form, history has examples where it's been disastrous, it is there where I've derived my point from, but that's an entirely different matter altogether and therefore Off-topic. 2. There is a difference between Mastering a game in a limitless manner, and Mandating how a player (or a player-base) should or should not play a game, in this case we're discussing City of Heroes, not a unrelated game, thusly I'm attempting to keep this On-Topic. 3. This topic is about Influence adjustment and reduction thereof, and any additional ideas (like the speculation of power leveling) would fit better in their own separate topic. 4. While a game shouldn't be easy (we sort of agree to an extent here within moderation) it shouldn't also be brutally grindy. They're gonna continue to climb, because it's impossible to narrow the cause down to either superadine addicts from Skyway/The Hollows, or unseen enemy supergroups operating in Khallisti Warf. (Market Crash TF Reference) 😛
  7. Yep, I said that, and I adjusted accordingly. As it stands right now, THERE IS NO STABILITY of any kind, until difficult hurdles have been cleared and new content is developed. NOTHING was refuted (If that's what you perceived), I simply polished my point of view to direct it to what ACCURATELY needed to be said. What bearing Kirby games have on City of Heroes I don't know (nor is it important or RELEVANT in this case) but one thing IS important, making progression more tedious than it already is will not a good case make... Also, speculation leads to disaster, interpretation is the result of one given output from the output of something else.
  8. Win Win always works for me, and if it works for others, even better. 🙂
  9. That would be a HORRIBLE idea, making reaching Incarnate Level that much harder and impossible to reach, that's what THIS sounds like... That in itself is going to prove a near-impossible challenge given the lack-luster impediments of TO's, DO's, small dev team size (don't know if the team shrunk or grew) and lack of new content and development of Goldside (Praetoria for those who are not aware of Going Rogue and left prior to issues 16-20) which is by far more appealing than either Blueside or Redside (I've played almost about every single arc there is on both, and found it challenging if not impossible to even attempt progressing without joining friends in an RP type of story progression). I will say that the removal of power-leveling will do more harm than good, and might make some unhappy enough to leave altogether, but that's just my observation, however dismal it might seem.
  10. I misread your post, that's a mistake on MY part, therefore I apologize. All of that is irrelevant to this particular discussion, so I won't comment...
  11. It is my opinion (key word OPINION, before I get a tomato thrown at me), that the thread is reaching a slightly TOXIC point. It's not even safe to argue/discuss/debate for or against anything, and all of this has or is beginning to become a TOUCHY subject that is breeding ideas for rather unsound and rather DRACONIAN and baseless measures. Now would be a safe moment to simply take a breather, look at the whole picture as is, think before stating something (looking back I saw the need to shift my focus some which is why I backed away some and tried to dig some to verify) and just drop the whole thing for a day or two. And if sane minds can't prevail, I'm in favor of having the thread locked to avoid the creation of Mountain Ranges out of ant hills and accept the adjustment. There's absolutely NO NEED whatsoever to make things miserable for anyone whatsoever. @Crysis I'm going to wholeheartedly disagree with your opinion on power leveling for ONE reason and one reason alone, simply put "You cannot order/force/mandate/tell ANYONE how to play the game", you just CAN'T do that. Edit: I just noticed a few more posts that confirm things have calmed some, looks like sane minds are prevailing to some degree.
  12. Interesting, I'll give this part a look, as it's easy to miss.
  13. Finally! We're making some progress, SMALL progress, but it's a start! DEEP IGNORANCE is not the choice of words I would have used, I would have used "Lack of experience in the usage of the auction house" which is more accurate and sounds a lot less negative. I mainly use the AH to sell salvage that clogs up my inventory and to buy the more "affordable" common salvage when making Generic IOs to put it on the base salvage racks (which I need to put some work into so I can put more salvage racks in there), and I've experimented on a limited basis (with some limited success) with the suggestions on the uncommon or "Yellow/Gold" IOs and salvage, sometimes I get lucky and get Karma and on the rare blue moon I get gift of the ancients, which although sells decently (for 1 mil) its still not a viable way to make Inf without massive losses (buying the converters to switch them around). Sometimes getting an item you REALLY really want doesn't happen, I tried to get one of the new synapse IOs going for 6-7 Mill for 2 and once 3, which is what I believe a reasonable amount (Not too cheap, and not too expensive) only to find out after waiting a week the bid is still there. Normally when I look at bids or items on sale, I'm not able to see names or who's selling what, and therefore if there's bargains being advertised, of course I'm gonna miss out since I'm not able to see who's selling it, only what's being sold. Now, is the Auction House channel ACTUALLY active and being used to advertise stuff?! If not, I'm willing to take a gander at making a tab on my chat window to see if someone's got some stuff to sell or to see if I can catch stuff. I try to avoid using merits AT ALL on anything other than recipes I want, because grinding for them is time-consuming, and sometimes when you REALLY need that one IO that a good build can use, all you got is merits to buy them with, also taking into consideration that I mostly solo and don't team much. The Marketing guide from the feedback I received from a few other folks is not 100% complete, as the super-effective methods are not in there (my take on it is no one is willing to give the gold away), how true that is I'm not sure, but I'll be taking a read at that marketing thread to see what I can find that I'm not doing correct...
  14. Point it out, and don't leave out the important parts when you quote my posts, I feel I've been very civil thus far and I've not disrespected anyone, only defended my point of view as best as I could.
  15. I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there, because you've clearly missed reading the earlier threads of this post.... These two particular remarks are one reason I would recommend that the thread is locked, as they are a toxic element which is not necessary in this discussion. The change has already been IMPLEMENTED, and there's ABSOLUTELY no indication of a reversal on said change otherwise, therefore making any more comments useless or pointless. HOWEVER, if we can avoid ridicule and disrespect, Provide some FACTS (I've actually been experimenting with some suggestions from Myrmidon with some promising results) and not resort to attacks, then continuation of this discussion is in order, as long as it remains civil. Happy you caught that one 🙂
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