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  1. I've tried four times now to log into the Beta testing shards and changing manifest URLs in Tequila and I get the following: I understand that eventually the HC Launcher will become the de facto requirement to use for launching the game, but until then I'll continue using tequila, and I need to know if someone has managed to fix this issue, or at least looked into it. I've got several toon concepts I haven't been able to test because of this problem, and any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. These are the following bosses that are missing in AE: Axis American: The Reichsman (Level 40-54) Devouring Earth (Praetorian): Avatar Of Hamidon (Level 50-54 Arch-Villain/Elite Boss version from Number Six's Arc)
  3. @Faultline I commend and thank you for making all of these available so far, but I do have to ask the following, are these enemies planned for release in AE also? Axis American: The Reichsman (Level 40-54) Devouring Earth (Praetorian): Avatar of Hamidon (Level 50-54) not the Monster Avatar, the Elite-Boss/Arch-Villain version (the weaker avatar that appears in Number Six's arc) Lanaru the mad (Level 40-50) Also, Are there any plans to release the destroyed Imperial City map, and the map with the seeds of Hamidon hov
  4. Thank @GraspingVileTerror I figured there was a multi-pronged method to avoid disaster :)
  5. If I may chime in on AWS, I believe that service should be avoided at all costs. Never really been a fan of Amazon, and despite the problem that surfaced with OVH and the mystery packet loss that has somehow gone away (Metronome defenses kicked in? 😛 ), I can get behind the logic of going with OVH. The second Item I'd like to inquire about is, has an offline backup of all data and everything securely been made just in case we have an realworld Rularuu, Rikti or Nemesis type event? Making all that progress only to have it go poof would prove to be discouraging after almost 2 years.
  6. While playing Pandora's box, and getting ambushed by Belladonna Vetrano of Primal Earth (Ghost Widow), Arbiter Sands, and Nocturne whilst saving James Harvan; I came across this dialogue bug... Then there's a grammar error in the TPN Plaque "None shall silent" should be "None shall silence" Then there's this grammar error from a Numina TF I think, I reckon Numina must have eaten a bad batch of tacos 😛 lol, should read "Smoke and Sulfur" since this takes place in Rhode Island Sorry it took this long to post, life sort of ha
  7. Let's get creative, maybe Mot has already become aware of the existence of Night Ward, and the Banished Pantheon are already trying to break through that barrier, maybe the Circle of Thorns has also begun making inroads into Night Ward. Maybe when Diabolique died, her death opened a rift from which the dark energy of Dark Astoria has begun to seep through into Night Ward, and maybe even RUULARU and his Rulu-Shin have shown interest in Night Ward. Hell, let's even say that one of the doors in the Cavern of Transcendence leads to Night Ward's underground tunnels, tunnels that even th
  8. I'd like to see powersets along these lines: Controllers: Weapons Control: You make use of immobilization weapons to disable or incapacitate your enemies (could make use of a Sapper gun) Wind Control: You use the power of the winds to toss and trap your enemies in a high speed vortex Dominators: Weapons Assault (Rifle-Jutsu or Bayonet Bojutsu) Small Arms Assault (Gun-Fu) Blasters (Archetype): Plasma Blaster: You have a plasma gun which you use to fire shots at your enemies with a vast array of firin
  9. I've had to give up partaking on the larger CC's, as its impossible to even move past the first round, let alone an honorable mention or winning, so I've entirely given up on that front. Some love for Mercs and Sentinels would be awesome, and enabling some devastated Praetorian landscape maps to create apocalyptic story arcs would also be awesome.
  10. This is mine: The Famous XClio A380-Plus Powered by this solid machine: Then there is this particular experimental machine loaded with Fedora Server 32, and with which I'm still unable to quite succeed in loading the CoH Client, it's got 32GB of RAM (not much for nowadays, but better than a 16GB machine), its a Proliant DL365G5 with an AMD Opteron 2352 For monitors, I keep it simple, a 1907FP Dell Monitor will do just fine, nothing fancy and it works
  11. I already had some ideas myself 🙂 Urban Interrogator Urban Warden Commando (Former Resistance) Hamidon Proof/Hamibuster Tactical Urban Defense Force (UDF) As a matter of a fact I am working on a concept storyarc in AE titled "The New Initiative" which involves a Paragon City Police Chief sending you on a mission into a Devouring Earth Overrun Nova Praetoria just before Emperor Cole launches a nuke, and sends you to rescue key people for his "New Initiative to get tough against the 5th Column and The Council" wh
  12. He tried... TWICE I might add, and both times he failed miserably... And the gigantic Avatar of Hamidon couldn't handle the sheer number of incarnates... Neither Cole nor Hamidon are immortal, hard to eliminate? Yes, but not Immortal, hell, EVEN LORD RECLUSE isn't immortal and doesn't want to test the limits of his vulnerability.... Lest he ends up like Praetorian Richter...
  13. I got a few enemy groups I can think of to have added to Hazard Zones when you hit level 50: In the Hollows: Mutated Destroyers and Super Trolls Duking it out for control, Praetorian Devouring Earth, Unified People's Army (UPA), Longbow Defense Force (those Imperial Defense Troopers loyal to Provost Marchand join forces with Longbow), Vanguard Special Forces (several D.U.S.T. troopers still loyal to Marchand augment Vanguard), Paragon Police Warden Division (made up of Former Warden Resistance Commandos, Forlorn Troopers now equipped with Primal Gear, and Several Deputized Carnival
  14. Someone quoted Goldside, There's one taskforce that was removed early in the game, then brought back in Ouroboros, but still removed physically. Which one I'm I referring to? I'm referring to the one and only "Calvin Scott Task Force". I honestly do believe its about time that this one gets a small facelift, along with the model used for the Primal Calvin Scott. In addition to having you familiarize yourself with Aurora Borealis and Sister Psyche's situation, there should be another familiarizing you with the Praetorian Calvin Scott, Praetorian Aurora, and Mother Mayhem. The second
  15. My suggestion is directed more @Piecemeal in regards to The Graveyard Shift and The Freakish Lab of Dr Vahzilok arcs. Since these two arcs take place somewhere between level 20-26 (I think it's 26, but not sure) and Praetorians (Goldsiders) leave at level 20, is there a possibility to tweak Dr Pierce and the FBSA Agent's dialogue with a choice to reference the player's Goldside origin or ask the player, or even mention something like "You don't appear to be from this dimension... where are you really from?" or have the player make a comment that gives away his Goldside origi
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