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Error in chat: "Event does not exist"

Vulcan Spirit

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I think I broke something but don't know what xD

Every 3 to 5 seconds there is an error appearing in chat, constantly. Event does not exist:


If I edit the Global Tab and remove "Errors" it stops, but I don't know the reason of the error.

Any idea?


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Trying to join certain Arena events generates that error; it is a known issue.


There's no fix at the moment.  Logging off and on sometimes clears it, or waiting for the next server restart clears it (see the Server Status channel in the HC Discord and see if it stops after routine maint. is done or a reboot occurs.)  Like Vulcan discovered, a temporary fix is to disable or move the Errors channel to a different tab, but that suppresses useful error messages too. 


IT IS specific to a character, so logging in with another toon shouldn't have the same error repeating.


We're sorry this is happening.

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