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  1. Out of the blue; haven't been on in a while. Downloaded the new installer (I'm on windows 10), installed to a different directory (E:\Games\...) and ran it. It found my installed copy of CoH and copied it all. Awesome. Downloaded the Beta and it was fast, so maybe it also found or re-used stuff? It was a fast download. Everything went smoothly, and no problems encountered whatsoever. Additional PLUS: clicked links open default browser, not MS Edge (as Tequilla did for me). That's a nice change! Overall, very good job!
  2. The LFG queue has always been a bit wonky, even when it works. To my knowledge there is no way to see who is in queue. It would be a great addition one day, but I think there are so many things to fix before adding new bugs features.
  3. Sorry for such a late reply / bump, but I don't play the game much anymore. Anyway, I posted the command-line to get full sets of superiors here:
  4. Where's the vote option: RANDOM (which seems fitting for many of these "costumes")
  5. First of all, welcome back! Next, if you are only 1-slotting Aim (or Buildup), I like to throw in the Gaussian proc. It fires off almost every time due to the lack of recharge (it's a 1 ppm proc), so I usually put it in Aim. This way, I can alternate Aim and BU (Ionize, in Atomic's case) for consistent +dam; with the rare Aim+BU for a nuke or something. I like options. Since this thread and my original build post (which had more melee), I've since learned the "real power" behind /atomic for blasters: abusing the AoE Hold, Radioactive Cloud. Atomic is the best secondary for mez, IMO. As such, I've re-tooled the toon and made it fairly cheap (as I don't really play it as much). Positron Cell (single target hold) hits for more damage than other secondary sets' hold power, and is fast casting (which is not so good for proc'ing, but great for stacking holds). I was thinking to make an ice/atomic hold machine, but that just seemed boring, outside of maybe a hami raid. Anyway, newer build here (dropped melee, more mez-minded):
  6. Did you also know that if you let your mouse HOVER over the name of the event (e.g. Time's Arrow [Imperious] ) that it will pop up an information window, detailing various aspects of the event? Did you also know that you can get the Midnighter badge via the Mansion in Night Ward? And that mansion does NOT go to Cimeroa... Did you know that King's Row is the closest base-portal-drop-off to a tram (blue side)? Founders Falls is the closest ouro-portal-drop-off to a tram (blue side).
  7. Many times while I'm playing and forming a Task Force or other group event, there sometimes is a new (or newly-returned) player that may not know about the LFG tool, nor that tool's ability to move character across zones. For many veterans, we all know and love the LFG-TP "trick" - and it's only called a "trick" because not everyone knows about it. So, while walking through a very new player on how to get to Cimeroa (yes, they needed the badge, too); I remembered that I was going to write up a graphical guide and create a tiny url ( tinyurl.com/LFGtp ) so it might be easier to explain. Step 0: Make sure you are SOLO, and not teamed. If you are teamed, everyone has to be in the same zone, and they all better want to go wherever you're trying to get to. So if you got invited to an ITF (as an example) and you don't know how to best get to Cimeroa, please: Let the team know you're going to temporarily drop team so you can LFG-TP there. They will understand. Step 1: Click the LFG along the top of the chat window: Step 2: Click the appropriate tab along the top of the LFG window: Step 3: Click the Task Force (or event) that you want to go to: Step 4: Click the "Lock the event for your group" button (this is the step that often gets over-looked): Step 5: Click the Queue button: Step 6: Click the Enter button on the pop-up window: You will then be transported to the event's contact (in the ITF's case, that's Imperious all the way back in Ancient Rome!). Congratulations, you saved your team some wait time! Just remember while SOLO: Task Force→Lock→Queue (it soon becomes second-nature) And if you want to direct someone to this guide while in-game: tinyurl.com/LFGtp NOTE: a "Guide" to people over 40: Written. a "Guide" to people under 40: Video. Therefore, assuming you want the written guide, I'll assume your eyesight isn't the best, so I'll use big fonts!
  8. If I was going more for solo or small team play, I would totally have Moonbeam instead of the stun. Even if one doesn't proc it much, the 5-set bonus from Manticore is nice. I'll usually 5-manticore (including proc) and another proc, for a mix of POW and set bonus. I've also proc'd it out completely for massive damage. You are correct about it, of course! The poison/dark I have above is really my league toon, and I don't solo much at all with her. I'm still surprised how effective Torrent is. So undervalued by many, I think. It's a MASSIVE range (80' I believe) and it is up about as soon as the mobs are getting up, so if one wanted to, one could "perma-knockdown" whole groups of mobs. It's a great opener prior to debuffing and jumping in with the debuff toggle, poison trap and blackstar.
  9. Looks like I am (so far) the lone Poison/Dark advocate! While I agree with @Hjarki about DP, Dark is also very good and here's why: Dark Blast is very proc'able, has a lot of CC powers to help keep you (and your team) alive. It is end-heavy (cones ain't cheap). POISON (what I take and why): Envenom and Weaken are your bread and butter for Poison; you'll spam them often. Alkaloid is a joke as a heal since it's single target, but I use it as a 6-set mule for Preventive Medicine. The 20% toxic resist is cute. Antidote is nice, a few slotting options (I usually just 1 slot, end reducer); but the resists (toxic and cold) are ok. Poison Trap is your proc-nuke (6 damage procs) - this is amazing damage for an otherwise shit power. Venomous Gas - very powerful toggle debuff that requires you to be in contact with the enemy. Tough sell on Sonic or Dark (hence the DP suggestion). However, it's not a lot to hop in, drop a poison trap, hop out... they get the debuff on them for the poison trap's proc-nuke (and your blast set nuke). DARK BLAST (what I take and why): Dark Blast (can't avoid, otherwise I'd take Gloom) - it's a nice filler Dark Pit (most skip this, but it's great soft-cc, mag 2 stun); also a purple set mule for +rech (5 Absolute Amazements) Tenebrous Tentacles (locks 'em down for debuff & nuke); adds DoT/debuff Night Fall (main spamming attack) - really decent damage, but in DoT form, so it's not all upfront. Torrent (a lot skip this, but it's really decent when proc'd) - this is the main spamming soft CC when you add a KB-KD proc, a +Rech proc, and 3-4 damage procs (I went with 3, as I use a Posi A/D/E to help with end costs). Life Drain (not the greatest heal, but your only one) - I throw this in the attack chain, it's decent ST damage, and keeps you topped off. Blackstar - probably the best nuke defenders have, you can 6-slot it with damage procs, though I go with 5 and an A/D/R purple set (more recov). POOL SETS (what I take and why): Leaping - because you literally need to hop in and out, move around a lot. Combat Jumping is the best toggle ever! 😃 Fighting - because everyone always takes fighting on everything (generally) Leadership - because you're a defender, this pool is almost mandatory with defender AT scaling! Flight - because you don't really need Hasten, so Hover is a nice level 49 1-slot pick and LotG mule. Mace Mastery - because you want to try and get S/L/E softcap defenses, and Scorpion Shield is the way to do it! (well, the best way, not the only way) It's not as fun as Nature/Dark, but I play my Poison/Dark a lot, and love the toon. She tanks quite a bit, too. Gotta love seeing the Brutes and Tanks waiting to see what group I attack before jumping in! Ursyla (Poison/Dark/Mace):
  10. I have enjoyed my Time/DP defender. I made many similar picks as you, except I do NOT use Suppressive Fire, instead I went with Executioner's Shot as my proc'd heavy hitter. I do not quite have perma Hasten (2.6s off) or Chrono (5.02s off), but I usually have them on when in combat... If not, I'll survive for 5s (I hope). I also have no endurance issues, as I've slotted for it. Also, I only have used Intuition Radial for Alpha; and I went Degen for Interface. (Clarion Core, Void Radial, Support Core). I also do 99% of the time Incendiary the other 1% is when I rez and forget to toggle it on... Is the -dam from Chemical *that* noticeable? The DoT from incendiary is very noticeable. I also seem to be taking Hover at 49 on a lot of "non-flying toons" - just to have that option (e.g. Hami raids, Shard, etc). Plus, LotG mule... Cowboy Roy (Time/DP):
  11. I'll put anything from a single level-50 IO recharge... to 4 slots (1 achille's + 3 undermined defenses for max end for recovery). I generally don't put a lot of rech., and often like to put the achilles' heel proc.
  12. r0y

    Time vs Storm

    How do you figure? I mean, apart from Freezing Rain (8) and Steamy mist (10), one can put off Hurricane until later; the "signature" powers are Tornado (26) and Lightning Storm (32). Time gets Distortion Field (8) but has Time's Juncture (2) and Temporal Mending (1). I put off Temporal Selection (6) until late, similar with Hurricane. That's FOUR (4) solid powers. Granted, signature moves are often last, like storm, Farsight (18), Slowed Response (26), and Chrono Shift (32). Not to mention, if you need a hold, Time Stop is available at level 12! I would NEVER say that Time is a late bloomer. Not by a LONG shot. The defining power is at level 18. Storm's is 8 (if we think Freezing Rain is the defining power). Level 18 is not a late bloomer.
  13. r0y

    Time vs Storm

    I play both. A lot. I have to say, Time/DP is one of my most damaging toons. Feels like a blaster with armor, etc. Can solo the hell out of many things. Has so many buffs/debuffs, it's not funny. No worry for health or end, but recharge is paramount (come as close as possible to perma Chrono Shift). A lot of damage-proc potential in Time, but I skip the hold (3 procs possible) since my blast set is better. Definitely proc out Distortion Field and Slowed Response. Time/DP is more everything: damage, buff, debuff, cc, heal... My Storm/Dark Blast is very survivable, can solo almost as much, but when on a large team... it REALLY ups the damage and survival. Storm requires a couple of procs to maximize (some KB-KD, a couple +rech, etc). You really need to focus on endurance management, not so much recharge focus. I also have a Storm/Sonic which is TEAM-only, really... it will provide FAR more damage via -Res for teams; not so great solo. Storm/Dark is more CC and Debuff than Damage: Storm/Sonic is more for team damage buff (via -Res) - I basically spam Howl and the Storm powers, lots of O2 Boost, very "support" oriented: All in all, I prefer the Time/DP. I have more Storm toons than Time, and I have more Dark Blast toons than DP. Still, something about Time/DP that just makes it MASSIVE.
  14. @Sovera, I recently had an issue where zoning into Brickstown would crash. Then I had toons "stuck" in there, as when I tried logging in to them, it'd immediately crash. I went into the Tequila launcher and under Options, did a re-validate. I saw it download stage2d, stage3d, and some tex-filething. After that, no more crashing for Brickstown. Maybe re-validate your files and see if that helps any?
  15. HOLY CRAP! Do you know how OLD that makes my dudes? They're going to have to retire far earlier than expected... 😉 Also, we should use in-game time for TF ads... "Starting a Dr. Q TF (about 4 days)" or "Numina TF forming (about 2 days)" that'd be fun! "ApeMage speed run (approx. 12hrs+) forming in RWZ..."
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