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  1. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!
  2. If there (or should there be) a /slash command to pop up the $target's info window? so people (RP'ers) can easily macro it? e.g. /macro i "/toggleinfo $target" or something... that might help. I know one can leave that window floating (I sometimes do, but I have a LOT of screen real estate, and it probably isn't good for those with UHD res or lower). Also, a generally-accepted RP SCALE would be nice. I'll *very rarely* do "light rp" with an RP team, I don't do the "hang out at the bar and flirt" RP. I mean, I see "casual RP" or "light RP is OK" and I'm there. Inversely, a "heavy RP" or "serious RP only" is also very useful to me (and the team), as it's not for me, but for more RP-centric. Something like a letter or code thing "RP1" or "RP9" for light to heavy? I dunno, just brainstorming.
  3. I thought I was there, too (with about 48 level 50's all incarnated); but then I discovered "challenge builds" - or, as many call them, Sentinels. Finding a Sentinel that A) Doesn't suck to play, and B) is reasonably effective (damage and mitigation) is a challenge. I've found two so far, with a possible 3rd coming up. So, don't be sure you've found them all... Just move the goal posts, lower the bar, change the rules! 😉 I have a spreadsheet (LibreOffice) that I use to maintain many data points for my toons, at least once they're about 40 or so (then I think I'm keeping them to 50 and beyond). I know I cannot be the only one to do this... Some days, it is kind of a chore to update each thing, so I'm lacking in iTrial badges, etc. Also, I don't count the amount of merits, inf, or emps I have in my e-mail on there...
  4. I am not an RP'er, but man if I was, your base would be where I'd want to hang out. Hell, I often still go, and just quietly enjoy the pool area. Not really RP'ing, but being respectful of those who do (e.g. using [Walk] a lot, proper swimwear attire, etc). Kudos to your base designer!
  5. I'll sign up for the one we just did an hour ago! Posterity and all... It was a fine run, got the badge, everyone enjoyed it (even Mojo?)... I'll try to remember to sign up here for the next one(s), but I'm not on the forums much (unless the game is down). Thank you for hosting this.
  6. They can add it to Soul Transfer, so all you'd have to do is lose/die, then BAM! You're protected from KB! (assuming there's a mob nearby to use it on). 😜
  7. I have a psi melee brute, tank and stalker all at 50++. I agree with the nice mitigation of the KU from Mass Levitate; however, TK Blow pales compared to Shadow Maul (another T3), but I also agree that Greater Psi Blade, especially once proc'd out with damage procs, hits amazingly hard. Back before the tanker changes, on a tank it would spread insight strike. It was awesome, and really helped the tank damage (obv. it's weaker on tanks than scrapper/stalker/brute). Now it no longer does, and one is stuck with the 2nd to worst (rad melee) secondary-effect mechanic in the game. I retired my tank (stripped IO's and parked it) because it was so "not as fun" to play as other tanks. That and by iTrial / incarnate stuff, PSI is resisted, as is lethal - which is why TK Blow and Mass Levitate shine, I believe (they mix in smashing damage). Nothing worse than facing robots with a Psi Melee toon, except perhaps being a lethal-based damage toon. Still, psi melee is a fun, but quickly boring, set to play.
  8. I think the Fire Armor set is very much anchored in the pre-purple patch days, where toggles were all mutually exclusive (you could only run 1 at a time) and much of the game design seemed to be based around the "prepare for the fight" approach. Thus, fire armor is very PROACTIVE in it's design. Your suggestions take it a step further. I like the concept of it being a different armor by being proactive, but the rewards need to be a bit more generous. I mean, looking at Bio and Rad or especially Dark - which all have some amount of proactive approach, we see they are very powerful, capable armor sets. Contrast that with Willpower and SR, the two most non-active sets. Fire should not be so weak, even understanding Burn and Fiery Embrace, but the whole mechanic of proactive armor should give it better stats or debuff protections, as you've indicated. The amount of "flow" that is interrupted by having to cast a heal (healing flames) when not really needed to heal, but to prepare for incoming toxic damage; same with burn, and if consume grants protections as you want, even more protection, since that requires a mob to use. Unless they untie the +end / mob-hit from the end-drain/recovery protection. So with three (3) proactive protections, the protections provided should not be similar or weaker than another armor's toggle/auto powers. IMO, ofc.
  9. Ooops, it's on the alternate (flipped) slotting in the build, but I should have caught that for the export! Level 20: Heavy Mallet -- TchofDth-Dam%(A), Mk'Bit-Acc/Dmg(21), Mk'Bit-Dam%(21), GldStr-%Dam(23), ExpStr-Dam%(23), FrcFdb-Rechg%(25) Level 28: Seismic Smash -- Hct-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(A), Hct-Dam%(29), TchofDth-Dam%(29), NrnSht-Dam%(31), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(31), UnbCns-Dam%(31)
  10. Yeah, I knew about Bonfire (needing KB-KD) and Tremor (not needing it), but did not realize Fissure was also 0.67 mag KB. Thanks for the info!
  11. I have both an Electric Armor and a Radiation Armor TANK, and play both a lot (my two most-played tanks). Both are incarnate, etc. Rad is more survivable. Period. ElecA has the -recov/-end protection like no other, but still needs KB IO's so you don't get "swatted" when jumping. Grounded is annoying as all hell. Rad also gets TWO (2) mini-nukes: Radiation Therapy and Ground Zero. The OP completely missed the heal-nuke. ElecA can easily skip Power Sink, it's not very helpful, really. Other things drain end better, and why are you wasting attack-time draining end on a stalker? Energize's end discount helps there anyway. I would definitely, without a doubt rule RAD >> ELEC every day of the week.
  12. r0y

    Mu vs Soul Mastery

    Moonbeam if you need a LotG mule (shadowmeld, but don't actually use it, unless your build sucks), Zapp if you must have Ball Lightning. Moonbeam (4) procs better than Zapp (3), so is my choice most all of the time, besides Negative > Energy for one of the least resisted damage types in the game.
  13. r0y


    Not understanding How five then seven then five Becomes Stalker art.
  14. So far, I have only been impressed with two stalkers primaries: Street Justice and Ice Melee. The rest are "OK" and don't really stand out. Psi Melee is decent in PvP, I've heard. Stalkers, to me, are about hitting hard. AoE is ok, but unless you're often soloing, it's not so necessary. I usually play in large teams and/or leagues, so most of the "trash" is dead within a second or two, thus leaving the boss/AV for single-target use. Elec/Shield synergizes well and looks good on paper, but in large teams/leagues there's a lot of AoE damage, so it's not as crucial as it is for the solo (set to x8, ofc) or small team play. For armor, Bio is generally the go-to, as it gives the +Damage when Offensive Adaption is on (which is usually is) and Bio has everything covered, so it synergizes well with anything. I also really like Energy Aura (EA) as it's very flexible and gets end reduction (Energize) in it's heal, as well as a +rech (Entropy Shield). In PvE, I believe the hardest hitting combo is Ice/Bio, especially seeing how much Freezing Touch does especially when proc'd with damage procs. I have the most fun with my StJ/EA stalker, though. StJ is such a smooth set, fast, low recharge (coupled with EA's +rech it's even better) - it is a lot of hard-hitting action, no waiting. StJ's combo mechanic is the best implementation of such a thing in the game, IMO. Again, on large teams and/or in big leagues, armor and survivability becomes less necessary. So it all comes down to play style and where you're going to do most of playing. From leveling solo to always teamed, it really changes the approach. Most armor sets are solid enough and almost all damage sets are decent enough to get the job done. Also, always get the ATO sets. At the very least, the procs. Stalkers get the best ATO procs in the game. Both of them dramatically alter the AT.
  15. I've been thinking to do a Fire/Earth proc-focused build since it's very tricky to pull off and keep enough survival (e.g. defense). I finally settled on the build herein, but I sacrificed defense. That said, most things should be locked down either disoriented, knocked down, or held outright. Couple that with (while soloing) many kills fairly quickly, and the insp tray fills, so I'll convert/use purples as necessary. Earth Assault procs out nicely, especially Seismic Smash. Proc'd out it is twice the damage output as a full set of Hectomb (purples) - I usually compare to 6-slotted purple, as a best-case scenario for damage slotting w/o proc-monstering it. Tremor and Fissure are not as great proc'd out (quick AoE's rarely are); however, it's enough to put a +rech in them and play the +rech lotto. The other thing with those two powers, and Bonfire (which also isn't great proc'ing as it's a pseudo-pet) is that they should have the KB-KD sudden acceleration IO, just to keep things in the damage aura/area. I normally go Scorpion Shield for the nice S/L/E defense, but it is hard to pass up on Sleet, and Frozen Armor is OK. I thought about taking Hibern00b instead of SS at 49, but if I have to hibernate, I'm likely not doing something right; plus SS allows full stealth when combined with Sprint/Stealth IO. Also SS allows for the slow resist proc, and SJ can then have a KB protection proc. So that's something. Heavy Mallet and Seismic Smash are proc-monsters. Probably some of the best single target attacks possible with Dominators. Mids shows 450dps and 673dps, respectively. By comparison, Heavy Mallet with 6 Mako's is 378 (vs. 450), and Seismic Smash with 6 Hecatomb's is 554 (vs. 673). So a decent bump. I had a nice proc'd out Hurl Boulder, but dropped it for Hot Feet. Endurance is fairly manageable, I use a lot of +Max End and +Recovery when I can. I was able to achieve a 3:1 ratio of Recovery:Consumption (toggles, etc) so that leaves a decent amount for the endurance-hungry sets of fire and earth. Incarnate will be easier (either Cardiac and/or Ageless).
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