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Can't connect to DBserver

Sapphire Lotus

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@Sapphire Lotus, there's been several updates recently to the installer and Launcher.  While I don't think any of them address this specific issue (assuming it wasn't just some network temporary situation), they do fix several issues and I think it might be better if you started from scratch.


Here's what I suggest you try.  I go into a lot of detail you may already just to be sure.  I also include screen captures to assist in the spoilers.


Please follow this procedure step by step until you encounter an issue.  Try to get a screencapture and write a few notes about exactly what happens.  Then please reply.  Include any screencaptures by dragging the file to the bar at the bottom of the reply editor, then position the cursor where you want the picture, then click the '+' symbol on the bar image's lower left.


Best of luck with getting back onto City!


  • Move the existing default install location C:\Games\Homecoming\ to another place on your computer.  If you're sure you have nothing worth saving in it, you can delete it.
  • Delete any previous installers 'hcinstall.exe'.
  • Download a fresh copy of 'hcinstall.exe' from here: https://manifest.cohhc.gg/launcher/hcinstall.exe
  • Run 'hcinstall.exe'.
  • Have it install to the default location C:\Games\Homecoming\.
  • As you reformatted your computer, there shouldn't be an old Tequila install to find to copy.  If it asks to copy (!), say no.
  • The installer will download some initial files, then put up the EULA window.
  • After the EULA window goes away, the full HC Launcher window should come up still downloading.


  • Let the Launcher finish.


  • To launcher the Homecoming Live City client program, click on the right-pointing arrow.  Let it load.


  • Put in your Game Account Name and Account Password and click Log In.  You can get them from here on the Homecoming website.


  • On logging in, you'll see the User Agreement screen.


  • After the User Agreement, you'll see the Shard selection screen.


  • Search the Shards to find a character you created before, then log in on that character.





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