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Make AR attacks & Caltrops more visible?


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I've seen some of the recent posts on client side graphic changes, and was wondering if anyone had made, or could offer any pointers toward making graphic improvements for Assault Rifle and Devices: Caltrops.


For Assault Rifle, I find the graphics underwhelming and would like something 'splashy-er'. I have played Dual Pistol and love the way I can see the bullets streak toward the target, but since I see no projectile at all for AR, I suspect there might not BE any, just the 'hit' effect. Does anyone know?


I'd also love to make the hit effect more pronounced so I can tell during combat what/who I hit. So I'd be looking to improve the hit splash of both the single target attacks (burst, slug) but also the area/cone effects (Buckshot, M30 Grenade, Full Auto), to make the hits bigger/more notable.


For caltrops, I'd either want bigger, more noticeable caltrop models or some type of 'circle/area' graphic that shows the actual area of effect the caltrops cover (both together would be awesome, but I'll take what I can get).

Any advice on where to start looking for these in the PIGGs, what graphics/models I might use to replace them with, and if it can even be done, would be appreciated!

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